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  1. In Missouri we haven't seen much OTEC, yet Aquaculture, Bioprospecting, OCS, and VTS have become quite popular.
  2. What do you guys think about BizCon this year?
  3. While I understand logistically this isn't a good argument, I am in a very lay-heavy circuit and the argument actually fares quite well.
  4. My favorite strat is a Spending DA with Vagueness Theory, and whatever other offcase might apply. The reason that I like this is because you can typically claim that the case is vague in some way. An example of this would be against bioprospecting: if they claim that pharmaceutical companies would invest and partake in the plan, you can easily claim that if they can't specify how many companies will invest in bioprospecting. Look at it this way: lets say plan costs 18billion. By being vague, the aff team allows for any unspecified number of companies to partake in the plan. This means that Company A can say they need 17 billion dollars, then Company B only gets 1 billion dollars. When company B realizes they didn't get enough funding, they'll go back to the place where they initially received the funds. This links them into spending because vagueness causes cost overruns. NOTE: ONLY RUN THIS ON LAY. IT'S NOT GOOD AT ALL FOR FLOW. obviously. I understand these are both very weak arguments but they speak well to bus drivers
  5. Hello there! I openly run solar desalination as an affirmative, and I (understandably) run into Topicality every tournament. Note, the arguments are typically not very strong (I hit interpretations centered around 'increase' and 'its' when my actor is NOAA and The Dept of Energy). I do worry about hitting modifiers of the word 'oceans', since desalination plants aren't technically submerged in the ocean. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Also, if someone has a shell that would be excellent too!
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