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  1. I'm in California and I would prefer a camp on the lower side of a price tag. Thanks for the suggestion btw. Do you happen to know anyone that has attended ddc maybe? Do you know how berkeley compares to jdi?
  2. Hi I'm a rising junior and this is my second year of debate but I didn't go to camp during my summer going into soph year. I'm familiar with K's (I like cap !!) but I wouldn't say that I have the strongest foundation. I'd prefer a camp earlier in the summer too pls help-- also I'm kinda curious as to what digital debate camp is about too.
  3. I'm running aquaculture and I'm not sure whether it would be a better idea to run IMTA as our solvency mechanism or NOAA implementing better regulations. What do you guys think would be the better option? Also, our modeling advantage states that China is going to model the US if it implements the plan--should we mention international fiat? Or should we simply add more cards about China going to model US?
  4. Ah I see.. so is it basically a rule of thumb to cover case first? I was thinking that maybe it owuld be a good idea to put T first because during a lot of rounds, people ran T and it sometimes was just a huge time skew. Then I could maybe just answer it really briefly since the 2a answers T in more depth.
  5. Only my partner was able to go to camp this year, so we decided to switch positions. Now I'm the 1a and I frankly don't know exactly how to be a 1a. What should I do specifically in the 1AR when rebutting? Is there a recommended order that I should follow? I usually put topicality on the top and follow that up with framework/K and other offcase (not in any specific order) and leave case at the end. 2NC--I know that's part of the neg block. What should the 2nc usually take? And then 2nr, do I go for 1-2 things? Thanks :3
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