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  1. Looking primarily for experience with the K. I qualled this year in LD and will attend a few tournament in policy next year. I'm from LD and there aren't too many good camps in this time period in LD, so I'm looking for something that's as rigorous as possible with regard to drills etc, but won't require me to cut that many cards.
  2. Hey homies, I recently upgraded to Word 2016 on Windows 10 and reinstalled Verbatim, but for some reason the debate template is not working any more?? Whenever I try to click within the window, the entire word doc freezes up and I have to close it and open it up again in order to get it to work. Regular word works perfectly, without an issue. Is this a known issue or is there anything else I can do to make it work again? I'm considering returning to Word 2013 if this issue persists.
  3. ...How does the alt solve Agamben? Doesn't anything, like taxes that are necessary to do anything, necessarily involve some sort of state of exception? Also, how do I A2 Cap K when defending biopower on aff?
  4. What was that debate website that had different pages for 1AC, 1NC, 2AC, etc. so you could copy paste from word directly onto each corresponding speech you're on and still retain formatting so that your judge and opponent could see it, obviating the need to save a verbatim doc?
  5. Does anyone have any huge impact defense files to trade? I have tons to offer
  6. Theistica

    A2 Puar

    Sorry for lack of clarity, I was referring more specifically to homonationalism/inclusion k stuff that critiques the use of the state as an inclusion mechanism? Are there any specific perm cards or very specific A2 cards commonly read vs Puar, or are they more generic usually?
  7. Theistica

    A2 Puar

    what are some common a2 puar arguments for us to block out? thanks in advance
  8. Looking for big framework files. PM me for details.
  9. Hi, My teammate and I are looking for a private coach for next year who can practice once or twice a week via skype, help us on cases/blocks, give tournament advice, and maybe judge when necessary. As long as you can attend a few tournaments in California without requiring a 1000 dollar plane ride, you should be close enough; we live in the Bay Area. Our style of debate will be mostly based in framework and the k. PM me for any inquiries. Prices are negotiable.
  10. Trading for security files, especially with impacts to structural violence or racism?
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