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  1. How is this still a thing? Also y'all are just sleeping on some good debaters and it's unfortunate. Best squad/school: Wiwo's coming in clutch with that lincoln squad Best aff team: LO AJ has had one bid tournament together. They didn't lose an aff round. It was arguably the most competitive bid tournament of the year. How is this a question? Best 1a: Y'all are just straight sleeping on Marcus' 1AR's; sure their Aff might be ridiculous and probably doesn't do anything but he can still spin some offense pretty hard Best 2a: Soren maybe, but I think not losing an Aff round AND outspeaking Soren at berk is pretty indicative of Laura being someone at least mentioning. Best 2n: lol have you seen marcus go for something other than psycho? they read some poetry once and that just didn't work out; y'all are sleeping on Madeline without a doubt. I know most of you aren't as clear as she is and weren't nearly as good as she is when you were sophomores. Best kritik debater: Thurston. Wasn't that a meme when this was funny? Best straight-up policy debater: AHEM CLARA AND MADELINE Best Novices: Oak Hill CH for sure; when was the last time your novices went deep at Gonzaga? (I'm not sure who you is in this sentence but just generally hoping that the sentiment applies) Most untopical aff: "So far, Lake-O's Baudrillard (though that may change at state )" go for framework! The aff hasn't lost to T yet Most helpful person: Hello, probably one of your coaches who's paid to dedicate time and energy to help you out Most hardworking debater: Y'all I'm in the LO dropbox and it's annoying how much work Laura gets done. I regularly have to just turn off syncing so I can get rid of the silly box that pops up Most improved team: "Probably Clara and Madeline" lol @ probably Next Year's Top Team: Henry and Leo when they run out of money and debate in state again
  2. the LO closeout is coming, better if everyone accepts it now Also have fun with having the smallest percentage of the pool break of any debate format at OSAA this year
  3. Shawn's skills at wrecking haters have improved since high school 10/10 savage annihilation
  4. the amount of salt is making me think someone misses the oceans topic.
  5. "financially unsustainable regimes that provoke wars and cause free-riding prolif outweighs stopping global wars" Multilateralism DA's might be more effective than just "heg bad" DA's (even though they tend to be similar if not identical)
  6. Cut Advantage links, it'll be easier than "decreasing surveillance increases security" links.
  7. TreeLord

    Oregon State

    There's a tigard team going, two cleveland teams, and probably three barlow teams
  8. I might have a change to most untopical aff...
  9. I talked to your judge a bit more for you, he seems to believe that your answers to T were inadequate and that your perm was questionable. "that's how we get CIA torture dungeons. I painfully vote neg" was part of the RFD. The other part is that you appear to have answered T oceans with "no we're educational, we just want to talk about this". I'm putting this in comic sans to dull the pain a bit, but it sounds like you lost for a reasonably reasonable reason.
  10. Not quite hot enough to be undefeated quite hot
  11. That high point loss against Y'all is a lot more satisfying now that I know nobody knows what the hell to do with your aff
  12. Most fun debater to judge/watch: Sanders Li Finally he's recognized for the comedy god that he is. Not everyone reads T in the 2NC
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