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  1. Does anyone have any cards or know where to find cards that "prove" that the psyche exists, or that the concept of the psyche isn't bullcrap? Thanks.
  2. I went to the camp that constructed this affirmative. Everyone has their own way of running it, but I'll try to explain as much as I understand. It's kind of dense. A brief overview: This is a kritik of modernity and progress/linear time. We start with the story of the Zong, in which slaves were ordered off the boat by ship's orders. This was an event that made the black body fungible, a commodity. We continue the story with the idea of Drexciya, an (obviously fictional) underwater civilization made up of the descendants of the Zong, the unborn children of pregnant drowned slaves. This goes to show how Drexciya, though fictional, has had an impact on society. For the rest of the speech, you basically have the explanation of why we tell the story in the first place, and you get into concepts of cyclical time and the past feeding forward into the future, etc. This shows that oppression of the black body today is very similar if not the same as those experiences of the Zong. And so we must first realize that there is something wrong with modernity and that the idea that we're progressing is wrong in order to actually solve problems that we find necessary to solve. To answer your questions in the best I can (I don't know the exact definitions, but I can sort of explain it in the context of the affirmative): - Hauntology in the case of the affirmative refers to the idea of the ghosts of the Zong and Drexciya provoking esoterror in our minds (Eshun 11), as if they are trying to communicate with us. Whether this is literal or purely fictional, the idea is that we can learn from both the experiences of the Zong and Drexciya. - The affirmative is, again, a kritik of modernity. We need a reform in order to truly progress. We provide the "solvency mechanism" of afrofuturism and magical realism (which will be explained when answering your next question). - Drexciya is afrofuturism. Afrofuturism is about imagining a better future in order to create a better future. Drexciya is a fictional world where descendants of the Zong were no longer subject to commodification or fungibility. - Magical realism is a genre of literature that is popular in afrofuturism where fictional elements are added to otherwise realistic settings (ex. the Zong = real, Drexciya = fiction, but they're both apart of the same story). The argument the affirmative tries to make is that afrofuturism and usage of magical realism can help us break out of cyclical time as it forces us to apply the past and the present while planning for the future. I hope this makes sense! It's not a perfect explanation by any means, but I hope it clears the air just a bit.
  3. Literally bless you, you're an angel. Could you (or anyone) clarify what Davis 01 says? I don't really understand how the paternal and maternal's opposing forces really create the split in the psyche or how the ego mends it, as well as the impact of a split psyche (doesn't the card say that genocide is actually necessary for the psyche?)...
  4. Does anyone have or know where I can find an impact to a destroyed psyche?
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