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  1. is this for the MLK invitational?
  2. what's the best biodiversity loss -> extinction card out there? and is there a more strategic way to argue that?
  3. what are some good lay affs? (ones you've been successful with, etc.)
  4. *I run a big-stick policy aff with the usual extinction scenarios
  5. Specifically, I need to know how to debate framework against security kritiks that indict my scholarship/epistemology. How can I argue that debating about the hypothetical implementation is good, and/or has real-world benefits or causes real-world change? (I've seen people defend warming representations as good, but can't find any cards defending my own impact scenario specific representations) Additionally, how do I argue that my threats are real and they aren't constructed? And why does it matter that my threats are real if I, as the AFF, don't actually do anything in the real world to solve them?
  6. MiniLife


    I'm looking for the following cards: Risk of bioterrorism high / bioterrorism attack inevitable within x years Bioterrorism leads to extinction / substantial impact Any help is appreciated! Also, when people cite previous bioterror attacks that have failed as a reason that bioterrorism is not a threat, what is the best way to answer that and assert that bioterror actually is a threat?
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