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  1. Looking for a goofy Baudrillard indict! I do not remember the tag or author, however in the card it talks about how in the middle of the night they were high and reading baudrillard. Just looking for it for fun, willing to like give people stuff for it or something! Thanks
  2. The entirety of Gene Ray's infamous Time Cube is for sale at this link: https://www.scribd.com/document/322551823/The-Entirety-of-Time-Cube Tell your friends lest you defy the transcendent principal of the cube!
  3. I'm looking for an existentialism k, willing to trade anything I can. PM me please
  4. I'm looking for cap/Marx links to Foucault, genealogy, Nietzsche, or anything related. If anyone can point me in the right direction or has anything please help me out. Thank you.
  5. We have a biopower advantage to our aff and are looking for a K of topicality, however I do not know where to start or where to find such arguments. If anyone could post some cards that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  6. Tharealschoob

    Speed K

    I am looking to write and/or find a speed kritik. However I am struggling to find ones on the internet and I am unsure of how to start writing one
  7. Hey, I would love to trade a war dolphins CP. I think this could be really successful in your circuit!
  8. I have an AFF that has an empathy contention. It basically says that the judge should vote based on who provides the most empathy, and that empathy solves war and such. I feel like I need a card that says that empathy spills over. I have been combing around google, but I have had no luck. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out here. Thanks.
  9. Can anyone help me turn war dolphins into a counterplan? I need help with the internal and external net-benefits parts specifically. In my circuit, this counterplan could do very well, any help would be super appreciated!
  10. So, I was thinking about using a security K as a net-benefit to a counter plan that was along the lines of gathering all the major world leaders together for a "beach party." The beach party would be figurative and essentially mean that we were creating the bonds of friendship in-betweeen these leaders. I cannot find a card however that says something along the lines of world leaders working with each other can solve any issue. Or something like that, idk. I would love some help, feedback and a card talking about how well world leaders can solve. Thanks
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