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  1. reptece


    For those of y'all who have bids, if I want to get bids next year, how many hours should i be prepping a day? Or how many hours do y'all prep a day? Or in general?
  2. reptece

    AFF help

    Hello, before this season started I went to a camp that focused a lot on K debating but its now December and I still don't have an AFF that's original to me. This entire season I just went on open evidence and read took K AFFs off of there and read the literature that the cards were from. I kind of want to make my own AFF but I don't know how to. Any tips? Note: I read a lot of Afro-Pessimism literature (wilderson, sexton, etc...) but I'm willing to read new types of Ks. Anything will help, thank you.
  3. reptece


    I have a really big problem with my 2NCs, they are so bad. Like in my 2NRs theres only 1-2 things I have to push to try and win a round so my speech flows pretty clearly, during the 2NC i get really messy and sloppy because sometimes the 2AC spreads out a lot of arguments. I have no idea how to structure a 2NC and I'm really confused about what the overview is suppose to say. This causes me to drop a decent amount of arguments which is bad cause it takes time from my partners 1NR speech. Can anyone tell me the proper way to do a 2NC? Anything will help, thank you.
  4. Hello, this is my first year in policy and I want to get good. I was wondering how much dedication it takes to get good at debate, like how many hours do you people put in to debate a week? And how do you balance debate out with your school work? Any answer will help, thank you.
  5. reptece


    Hello people, I'm the 1AR this year and I'm having a little trouble doing 1ARs. I tend to always run out of time when giving a 1AR and I don't answer the NEG block sufficiently. I always tend to group args really badly and do too much individual arguments. I was wondering if any of you can give me some tips on how to give a better 1AR. Thank you.
  6. reptece


    I've watched a lot of videos of college students debating and I see them reading off their computers for some and reading off the flow for some. I know they are blocks but I'm not really sure how to write blocks. Like I know they are suppose to be preempted arguments (maybe not) but I'm confused about them. How do you structure a block and how do you make it generic? Because I know everyone answers arguments differently with different wordings so I'm not really sure how to make enough blocks to even cover them sufficently. ****I'm talking about blocks from in the rebuttals, not the constructive speeches********** Thanks for reading, I'll make use of any advice you give
  7. reptece

    No coach

    Hello, this year I really have no coach at all, no help except from older team members. I was wondering how I can improve my skills in debate (i'm bad) without coaching and get really good. I don't want this to hold me back. Any advice? Ways of prepping? Practice? Etc... anything you can give me. Thank you for reading. :]
  8. Hello, this is my first year in policy debate and I was wondering how the older debaters talk so fast in their rebuttals. I was hoping for some tips on how to spread in rebuttals as well, like, I have a lot of arguments in my head and I sort of know what to say but when I try to talk fast the info just gets lost and comes out as broken English have the time. :[ Any of you older debaters wanna give me some tips? Thanks for reading.
  9. Hello, I just started policy debate and the problem is my spreading is really bad. I came here from another country and started learning english at around 7 so I still carry an accent and when I spread it sounds really unclear. But a second problem is also that I keep getting stumped on words, I get what they mean and I can read it perfectly in my head but when its time to spread the cards I keep pausing and stuttering :[ This is preventing me from reading more cards and bringing in more arguments in my speeches, any tips to help me fix this? Thank you.
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