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  1. What about cases where Israel has targeted schools, or cases where after bombing a area they wait for help to arrive and proceed to bomb the area again.
  2. Honestly when I ran this it was so much fun i'm seriously considering doing it again for the fun factor in the prelims when it doesn't matter.
  3. So I ran this two times in a TFA tournament for fun so ill just give a quick description of how it went. The first round we went against a pretty good ice breakers aff so we ran this and a Russia disad. The main problem was that there was nothing in our cp text that said we needed to pass this before theirs. In my 2nr after seeing loss was inevitable I proclaimed that with this plan I would become god and they would only be taking resources from a god. We did not win. I had a few hours to work on the case so I added some things saying the aff was an inherent barrier for our plan due to them taking resources from the government. We ran this again with a few disads and ended up winning on the cp mainly because they didn't have enough time to argue the disads and the cp. So overall I learned when in doubt I can run this to waste about 4 minutes of the affs time . edit: if anyone has any cards about resources being taken away from the government they could link that'd be cool. I'm changing the actual funding of the plan so this could maybe work.
  4. My tournament is next week as well and yes I am part of a 5a school in Texas. I don't know what I was thinking in the first part I really have done like 3 tournaments the only problem is i've only seen student congress in south Texas and I have a strong feeling that my district really sucks. So I guess i'm kinda wondering what level of competition will be at state and what are somethings to expect in state.
  5. 2nd - I do believe pirates were homophobic (just making assumptions based off of history books) He actually does talk about the misconceptions of pirates we have and how they were actually really good. I don't know who would run this as a legit case it drops the f bomb like 4 times in the intro and is proposing we switch over to a society where we are pirates. Can someone explain how this is not a trolly case i'm genuinely interested now
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/view/9kzruyc98h338mm/Pirates_1ac.docx this is what I was talking about. It isn't the fact of being gay its talking about how a society made of pirates would show equality to all but that was big point of it that I found from it I
  7. I guess I should have been more politically correct then just saying gay but that's the case or a big advantage for the case. I don't see how proposing to convert America into a kind of pirate society is not trolly
  8. http://gyazo.com/3ea9f8505d02e66a0a12fc4e17748d4a let the negative rep come as payment for my sins
  9. So this is my first time doing congress and i'm going to state in uil for texas. Does anyone have any experience or any tips. The tournament is for like 4 months i'm just wondering what to expect and what level it will be at.
  10. This was in congress last year so its not cx but this is something I actually felt really bad about. Pretty much this girl goes up and gives a speech about a bill to increase investments in other energies and spend like 15 billion on it. So I asked her how many barrels of oil does the U.S get a year and how much do we need (this was relating to her saying that the U.S doesn't make enough oil to sub stain off it even with foreign oil) She responds with the statement we only make 100 barrels of oil a year and we need 600 barrels and she proceeded to lie about her sources. So I kept questioning her on it to make sure she lost as many points as possible. After the questioning time was up I made a motion to extend it for 5 minutes and somehow that passed. So here I am questioning her for 3 minutes straight about her lying and how unreasonable she was to stand in affirmation to a bill she knows nothing about, and she runs out of the room crying about how she can't do this and she was so sorry. .......I'm a dick
  11. The only really trolly aff case I have is the gay pirates one which is pretty awesome but i'd like some more. I already have all the tfa points I need so now its time to have some fun. So if anyone has some cases that they'd like to share or any cool ideas for a case that'd be cool thanks !
  12. I thought this plan was doomed but luckily Jaden Smith has saved me god bless america
  13. WOOPS! Didn't even see that thanks for catching that I forgot to add the word salary I fixed that now.
  14. I had a judge once argue with me about where I would get my funding and he told me that something like taking money from politicians no judge would argue with. So i'm just running with that right now ,that if a politician is there for the best of the people then they should be happy to give up 20% of their salary to solve all problems in the world.
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