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  1. Look your opinions dont matter because you havent seen the case at all. So because all your arguments are irrelavant because they are opinions, then you have wasted your time. I only requested help to find a card. I dont need any critiques.
  2. The usfg should substancially increase its non-military exploration/developement of the earths oceans by placing a regulation on fracking to make fracking safer
  3. I'm making an affirmative case that is only doing a policy to make things better. I really need a card saying that that is topical and it fits within its resolution.
  4. Yeah, but it is too hard to block, because there are already non profit organizations doing it as well as private companies.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm a 3 year debater and i had an aff case (on ocean clean up). But now, it seems that everyone can beat it. I was wondering if anyone has a good aff case that can help me make it or set it up. The thing is, i don't want to run a aff case that is on debate coaches. I want a brand new case that isn't there already. Or the other option is that if anyone is interested in making a new case with that would be great as well. If you guys want to from a group on making a new aff case or if you are interested then please contact me. If someone can help me, please do, you can email me at iram_gonzalez514@yahoo.com
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