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  1. what are you talking about? we train all our novii one of T! JK did run one off plutocracy a couple rounds though and actually one a couple. Wasn't the highest level tournament though so maybe that's not saying much
  2. the joker K, have plans though... evil laugh, "why so serious?" by the way it actually is a thing, it's pretty much just a performance case though
  3. keep in mind, it's not just about finding a random k-aff that no one has heard about. The best way to get a great aff to break is to find an affirmative plan that is actually topical and cut your own cards, really beefing up your own case instead of just relying its out-there-ness. Also, be warned, if you do go for something obscure your opponent will probably opt for T instead of going for the majority of your actual case meaning you won't actually get to debate your really cool aff.
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