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  1. I'll judge if there's a pannel. I need to see different perspectives on K-debate.
  2. The capitalism machine demands resources to consume the most blatant example is oil, so the US used that demand to justify violent revolutions leading to oppressive governments which in turn breed freedom fighter (terrorists). Grossly oversimplified, but I'm on my phone.
  3. I went to TSDC (ETBU) for two years, and I can testify that it is great. The food is good (for a camp), the labs are great and allow you to teared with those at your level, the Lab leaders are incredible, and over all it's a relaxed and fun experience. I will warn it can be geared more towards UIL over other styles (which is what you need if you're competeing in local east texas) Tell Morris I said hey.
  4. Sorry man, I'll take it down. I wouldn't want to screw you like that.
  5. Since this is temp inactive, can i get thoughts on the 2ac and my cx?
  6. I know any impact turn would be just wrong, but why wouldn't you criticism methodology or solvency mech? Like reading a state link as a solvency turn? (My understanding of the lit is minor so forgive my ignorance)
  7. Cool Aff CX- PR 1. what types of surveillance is the US doing? 2. what justification does the US offer for it's surveillance of PR? 3. Is political repression unique to PR? 4. can you site me a line in the Roman 97 evidence were it cites any of the impacts you claim? 5. what is imperialism? Plan text 1. What exactly will happen post aff? Framing 1. should we ignore threats direct threats? 2. What's the internal link between US surveillance and structural violence? 3. Can you explain the Yudkowsky 06 card? General 1. Will you defend role-playing the state? 2. Should we reject all surveillance of PR?
  8. 2500 constructive 1500 rebuttals If that's cool with you?
  9. I know countless topics have been posted on this, can anyone share links that discuss this branch of critical theory in a broad sense? Note: I'm not looking for the arguments that are commonly run, but the actual theory itself.
  10. harper231

    2016 UIL State

    Thanks! It was a fun round. Pmed
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