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  1. Best policy orientated high school teams?
  2. Exact Plan Text or Advocacy Statement: The United States federal government should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance by eliminating the National Security Agency’s project Bullrun. Advantages/Harms (with explanation): - Technology Sector: Bullrun destroys technology sector, hurting vital technology business, ultimately leading to nuclear war. Eliminating project Bullrun allows business innovation. - Cyber Attacks: Lack of cyber-security leads to cyber terrorism, causing nuclear response and the end of the world. Removal of Bullrun decreases risk of cyber-hacking, and identifies emerging threats. - Internet Freedom: NSA surveillance programs like Bullrun obstructs freedom of speech, ultimately hurting U.S. relations with China and Russia, and killing democracy movements. Eliminating Bullrun allows for democracy, enabling negotiations. Solvency: Passage of the Secure Data Act to close back doors. POSSIBLE NEG STRATS? THANKS!
  3. Can someone give me some line by line drills?
  4. Can someone give me some line by line drills?
  5. what are some national teams that run auvs aff
  6. how do you write blocks? how do you go about blocking out your aff ?
  7. Garret

    Answering T?

    How do you answer topicality?
  8. Garret

    Toc Recorded?

    Do you think TOC will be recorded?
  9. Hi cross x , I am junior ,and this my second year debating, and i would like to go to camp but this would be my first year ever going to camp and i wondering if y'all had any camp suggestions. thanks !
  10. Hi, can someone help me with some offcase for the ocean mapping aff? Info about the aff: Exact Plan Text: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration of the Earth’s oceans by mapping the ocean floor. Harm Areas (with explanation): Harm 1: Economy Economic collapse is inevitable unless changes to chokeholds in maritime trade are solved. Economic crises lead to global war. Harm 2: Methane Release Natural gas reserves will soon be depleted; mapping ocean floor advances development of hydrate reserves. Without it, US faces oil shortage and lack of energy security leading to extinction Solvency Mechanisms: Government is key to methane hydrate expansion. Technology of autonomous underwater vehicles and 3D mapping exists, just needs government support.
  11. Hi I was wondering how do you answer a death k ??
  12. ok, I ok I got you now!
  13. Whats a linear disad? And wouldn't the disad be considered non-unique. Why cant you just make it into case turns?
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