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  1. There's a high probability that we will see the return of some sort of diplomatic capital DA. You could do some research into whether or not Obama/Kerry are trying to solve another situation somewhere else in the world(that might result in nuke war) and diplomatic relations with china trade off with that. 

  2. Is it necessary to attend a debate camp to become a good debater? I mean what are they good for?


    Apart from evidence cutting, there's usually lectures on the new topic or other debate args, practice rounds, a camp tournament, some form of interaction with experienced lab leaders, crunk parties, and other stuff that's supposed to make you better depending on the camp. It's definitely not required to get better because someone who's dedicated can work their way up to that level but with that said camp alumni will probably have an advantage over others at the beginning of the season and most if not all of the fancy schmanshy national circuit debaters go to camps. If you have time and money, it's can be a very rewarding experience but it's not the end of your debate career if you don't go.

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  3. Technically, arguing that something is untrue because its advocate used a logical fallacy is a fallacy in and of itself.  Just because person A uses adn ad hominem against person B does not mean that what person B is advocating is a good idea nor does it mean that all of Person A's arguments are invalid


    also known as the fallacy fallacy



    ^this comic strip is exactly what you are looking for with fallacies

  4. Akashic Fields Kritik


    Neolib Kritik


    Bahner PTX


    Surfing Affs


    I haven't really hit any of this this year. Neolib was pretty popular for the latin america topic though.


    I know this topic doesn't have good DA ground but the critical stuff for the ocean was pretty good (middle passage, identity stuff w/ ocean, dat Land ev, pirates). I also thoroughly enjoyed the T debates this year. I'm also an environmental hippie so stuff relating to ocean biodiversity was fun.

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