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  1. There's a high probability that we will see the return of some sort of diplomatic capital DA. You could do some research into whether or not Obama/Kerry are trying to solve another situation somewhere else in the world(that might result in nuke war) and diplomatic relations with china trade off with that.
  2. theCoolCat

    K O/V help

    Most of the long k overview stuff in 2NCs can usually just be done on the line by line tbh. You shouldn't really need much of an overview; I think your judge was giving you good advice
  3. Rowland Hall and Juan Diego are the 2 big schools and they have bid teams every year.
  4. debating off the flow is a lot more advantageous
  5. Apart from evidence cutting, there's usually lectures on the new topic or other debate args, practice rounds, a camp tournament, some form of interaction with experienced lab leaders, crunk parties, and other stuff that's supposed to make you better depending on the camp. It's definitely not required to get better because someone who's dedicated can work their way up to that level but with that said camp alumni will probably have an advantage over others at the beginning of the season and most if not all of the fancy schmanshy national circuit debaters go to camps. If you have time and money, it's can be a very rewarding experience but it's not the end of your debate career if you don't go.
  6. Yo can someone explain the coming community?
  7. I see you are practicing your flowing abbreviations
  8. If you want a great application of heidegger to security, read Politics of Security by Michael Dillon
  9. Soooooo are there ANY videos out there of the TOC finals this year or are the days of streaming national circuit debates over? I would at least like to know how the round went down if anyone actually watched it
  10. I concur. All I know about the round was what was written on the google doc
  11. Coming from an outsider that knows nothing about the Oregon circuit, I can objectively say that Gracia Dodds and JJ Caufield are some of the coolest debaters I've met.
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