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  1. best 2N is jacob hegna and Henry walter When going for dedevelopment
  2. Best all around team (Speed/Lay): SME DW Best Squad: BVSW/SME Coach of the year: Jared Zuckerman/Trey Witt Best speed-style team: SME DW/ BVSW HF Best lay team: SME DW Best Affirmative Team: SMW DW Best Negative Team: BVSW HF Prettiest Speaker: Ali Fastest Debater: James Wu Best 1A: Ali Best 2A: Henry Best 1N: Henry Best 2N: Most likely to do well next year in high school: BVW/ not sure how old waru is/SME Best Judge(s): Shunta Jordan, David Heidt, Brendan Bankey, Martin Osborn Most underrated team: WEast Best K debater: Yash Best Politics Debater: Henry Best T Debater: Parker Most likely to be NDT champion: Henry Nicest debater to chat with outside of rounds: Saif Best evidence: Posen 14 Best argument: non-military pic Worst argument: non military pic Best aff: OSW WORST excuse for losing a round: I used gendered language Best tournament for between-rounds hanging out: St. Marks school for boys Best human being: Alex Ghekas
  3. Obviously that specific disad has sufficient answers itself since its a pretty common politics mechanic but i was just using it as an example
  4. I need an idea for an interpretation of fiat that is sufficient to answer the dumb gbn fiat disads like the hastert rule da, Should I say that fiat means all member of congress vote for it or what?
  5. It would be greatly appreciated if whomever receives it first to reply to this thread w the full KCKCC team list thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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