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  1. I know you should just straight turn Nietzsche, these are There are specific links to Blackness/Wilderson. And yeah Nietzche is highly unethical to run but some teams would still do it. More off case to run could probably be ballot commodification too because of the "oppression Olympics" now being seen in debate.
  2. FW (you should debate with a USFG topical fiated plan text), T (you have a burden to uphold the resolution), Blackness K (queer theory ignores the black body leading to more social death), Feminism K (dehumanization of women is the ROOT CAUSE of your harms, you don't access solvency), Cap K (root cause again and then the alt solves better for the harms of the 1AC), Jesus CP lol (consult jesus before we do the plan), Identity Politics K (idk how this is run), Nietzsche K (if they're edgy gays should embrace this suffering) straight turn this
  3. So I was wondering if anyone has like a great alternative for a Baudrillard kritik of simulation (fiat) or what is the best alt to run with Baudrillard on the oceans topic this year. Also can I get some ideas for impacts because I have only 1 root cause arg in my file and need more. thanks
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    Pre-prep your 2NCs with analytics and cards that you know you will have to read, especially for Ks. This will take away a lot of in-round stress and you can copy and paste A2s (perm answers, CP delay stuff, etc.) during prep in order of the flow. Don't do 2NC overviews, they're time consuming and can be done later.
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