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  1. Hey, I do college policy, but i came from a non-nat circuit background so I've felt something similar both starting college debate and also had a bit of a breakdown myself during senior year when I didn't qualify to nats. I say you should stay in debate b/c as "A Trash Debater" mentioned, there are a lot of other benefits to it besides winning. I know feeling of like you've hit a peak and are unable to improve, but you will. It just takes time and some changes. Debate should be for challenging yourself in as many ways possible, not just for striving towards trophies. I'm probably not too helpful but there are a couple things I recommend that have helped me. If you're having trouble on the neg, I suggest finding unique, but understandable to all judges offcase positions. Like running the same k every round, da, whatever. It may be rough at first, but once you have a certain position nailed you are far better off. Try and record your rounds if possible/have practice rounds and then evaluate your performance as honestly as you can. Also evaluate your partner's speeches (and vice-versa). Give as many practice speeches as possible in front of all sorts of people. To practice things for lay judges for example (idk if this is where your trouble is) I would give speeches to my mom and have her tell me the major ideas to see if I was conveying everything simply. For more flow judges, ask your coach for help or some seniors on your team! Write down everything you have lost to (aff and neg) and try to assess why you lost that round. Then write blocks. You should try and never lose to the same argument twice (although it happens to me all the time). Maybe some judges you pref are not exactly the best and you need to revise them. Watch as many out rounds as possible and try and incorporate some of the arguments they run into your debate files/if they are competition, write blocks before you hit those teams. I like to try and watch "good" teams debate in out rounds that run similar positions to me so I can better apply their technique to my debating. It takes a while to really get in the hang of things and "excel". But I really believe that anybody, with the right work ethic and perseverance, can achieve more than they ever thought. Best of luck. You can PM me if you need any help at all!!
  2. Hey does anybody have access/a copy of Sylvester Petro's article "Civil Liberty, Syndicalism, and the NLRA" from 1973? It's found on the HeinOnline database, but that a database that I don't have access to. Thanks!
  3. ya i agree with all the above posters, either a) it will go VERY bad for you or b ) even if it doesn't, it's still really bad to just commodify certain groups for "fun". Like you should only run those arguments if you identify with one of those groups (or your partner) or at the VERY LEAST actually deeply care about the issues/have some connection to it. edit: something i typed created an emoji and i didn't like it so I had to revise
  4. I once hit an argument that it was "unfair" for me to run a k against their aff bc I "could've just run a DA" instead......we literally had a flow judge. Lmao I love MO debate
  5. I really enjoyed reading Achille Mbembe's Necropolitics. But also I really like Hans and Reardon's The Gender Imperative: Human Security Vs State Community"
  6. -"Uniqueness overwhelms the link" -"and that turns the WHOLE advantage" -"Their perm? Another link" -"Now if you look to our ________ evidence" Why MO debaters are the worst------ -"Silence is compliance" in reference to anything unanswered. (I've never used this I promise, it is awful)
  7. I watched the 2015 finals round so I feel like I get the rules of the format. I just need tips for construction of "case" and how to deal with the extemp topics better. I'll let you know when we do any practice rounds though.
  8. Btw can I judge? EDIT: I have p much the same paradigm as Paul. I'll evaluate anything and everything best I can (although disclosure: I will have to have any psychoanalysis explained well for me to properly evaluate it).
  9. Hi, I was debating with Paul when this happened lmao. Yeah things of the sort happen all the time. We explicitly asked if the judges were okay with kritiks and they said yes, but wrote on the ballot they were not. The opponents were also a bit ticked because we had won the round against them previously in the tourney with our ban prisons aff in a conservative area, so they were not kind at all haha. I love debating in missouri <3
  10. Hey y'all, I'm not sure many of you would have information in this, but I thought I'd ask anyways. I qualified (aka submitted my application/debate career resume and had it accepted) to nationals this year for World Schools Debate. I have spoken a bit with Brent (Solax10) since he is an alum from my district about his experience in the activity, but I was wondering if anybody else has done it. My coach is responsible for teaching our team how to do the event (and he doesn't really have much experience with it either) and do not really know what to expect with it. Do y'all have any words of advice/things to keep in mind during the tournament/prep? Thanks!
  11. EDIT: somehow I quoted my own post???? So I deleted that text
  12. Hey y'all, I'm a hs senior in Missouri right now, but I am intending on going to K-State in the fall to debate for them. As many of y'all know, Missouri is not the most progressive state for debate and although I have more experience with kritikal debate than most in my specific region (mostly fem and american exceptionalism/imperialism, but have experience in cap, speaking for others/various discourse kritiks, and rights malthus), I know that I am still behind in that area. What could I do to catch up so I am somewhat ready for college debate in the fall during the summer not just in terms of k-debate, but in other areas that you all in college had to work on before getting a grasp of things. Or specific mistakes to avoid in college debate/things to get familiar with. Thanks for anything/everything!
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