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  1. Except not really, because the quality of competition is exponentially higher at the NDT than the TOC
  2. They're great, but MBA BJ is still the best team
  3. Not as true as it used to be. 4 out of the last 6 NDT champs also won the Copeland at some point.
  4. Woodward SP, Arjun is a beast
  5. Hats off to both. I was pulling for TW, but McDonogh is an awesome team that's worked as hard as anyone this year. If someone else had to win, I'm glad it was them.
  6. I didn't. I said that Raam is a friend of mine, and I was rooting for him to win the TOC. I did not say "winning NSDA is not impressive". Yes, winning NSDA is incredibly impressive. Winning the TOC, in my mind, is even more impressive. That's all I'm saying.
  7. What the fuck? I didn't devalue anyone's accomplishments. I just said "it'd be cool for him to win a championship". Just because those tournaments aren't "championships" doesn't mean they aren't impressive to win. Peninsula was incredibly impressive this entire season and I aspire to achieve their level of dominance. I don't know where you get off thinking I "devalued their accomplishments". Don't be an arrogant prick.
  8. Peninsula has always had a bit of a problem with debating unfamiliar arguments; they're really good when they control the debate, but not when they're forced out of their comfort zone
  9. Octos bids aren't championships, and NSDA isn't national circuit so I don't really count that My comment wasn't meant to be sarcastic, Raam's a friend of mine so I hope he wins
  10. Peninsula will win on a 3-0. They're like 8-1 against McDonogh this season.
  11. I hope you're right, if only so we don't have to endure another stale fucking framework debate for the third year in a row
  12. Finals will be Peninsula vs McDonogh JN (again) Peninsula will win (again) Predictable outcome but at least raam tambae will finally win a championship
  13. Nobody streams high school anymore, sorry bud
  14. Thanks, this is great. Ard's ballot in particular is very concise and well-written, and it helped me easily understand the round even though I didn't flow it. I still think Rutgers should absolutely have lost because of the performance of the 1NC, but these ballots helped me better understand the rationale behind the judges' decisions.
  15. Does anyone know when final round ballots will be posted?
  16. Wait until Breitbart gets a hold of this round ...
  17. I'm really trying to respect that Rutgers won this debate, but to be honest, I just can't. I thought the 1NC was childish and disrespectful. Going around and making fun of people for 8 minutes of your speech is no way to win a championship in my mind. I don't really care if they won on the flow. I would have voted against Rutgers because they were actively trying to ridicule their competitors and divide our community.
  18. Indeed they do! But I think Georgetown will win, they've done very well against K teams this year.
  19. Cal GW demolished on a 7-0, NDT finals Rutgers vs Georgetown
  20. Yeah, there's no chance in hell GW is getting past Georgetown KL.
  21. Cal GW walks over Cal MS!! RIP Spurlock and Muppalla
  22. Georgetown vs Harvard rematch! CEDA finals rematch!
  23. Emory read 10 off against Georgetown LOL
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