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  1. The Public Forum is a community service project that is focused on ensuring that all PF debaters have equal access to high quality research. One of the things that sets champion teams apart from others is there access to high quality search engines like Lexis Nexis, which give them access to articles hidden behind paywalls. What are the copyright implications for distributing cards cut from these articles, for free? Does this activity fall under fair use? We have access to EBSCO, Lexis Nexis, etc and while we are focused on ensuring equal access, we also want to remain compliant. Thoughts?
  2. The Public Forum is a community service project that provides free evidence to PF debaters. We will be posting links to our free files throughout the year on Facebook and Twitter, so follow us on social media to receive instant updates. If you have any questions about the project or want to request evidence for a specific argument please comment on our Facebook page or tweet at us @thepublicforum. You can also contact us at freepfevidence@gmail.com
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