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  1. Lol you know you judged me at Long Beach, right?
  2. yeah, I've read most of it, still don't get how exactly "imagining Sisyphus happy" overcomes psychology
  3. Literally just says that we need universalism in order to foster coalitionary politics that are large enough in scope to overthrow capitalism. The notion of queer resistance is definitionally scattered.
  4. Lol I mean, I'm pretty sure his Nobel Prize in Literature doesn't mean his response to ressentiment is flawless
  5. I get that its a thesis level response, I just don't get how exactly one could have success defending it. It seems somewhat unwarranted and flimsy.
  6. Def reading this against you now. Pablo's explanation is sufficient probably, the rest is just jargon and debate tricks. Camus is a response. Sadly it is a shitty one. But it is a response. See you at what I think is Fullerton.
  7. ^ yup especially when they have about 5 bids each and the teams on this list (myself included) only have a couple
  8. lol at these people I don't know saying we are the best neg team And that leucadia is underrated, or that wendell is a novice, or that manny is a junior, or that space elevators is the most untopical aff However, I will agree that bifaudrillard is the best aff, even though I don't know when you saw me run it
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