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  1. Can we make a fantasy debate league...?
  2. http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/259477/bernie-sanders-communist-and-ignoramus-matthew-vadum
  3. What's the best way to argue against intersectionality arguments?
  4. adrictenuta

    For Y'all

    Plan: "The USFG should prohibit federal agencies from requiring compelling private entities to design or alter their consumer information technology products for the purpose of facilitating domestic surveillance?"
  5. That was probably just a journal entry written by your Intro to Eastern Philosophy prof. Even if it was a K author, does it make a difference?
  6. I wanna write a Trump DA, any ideas??? Specifically on the links...
  7. best arg 2 make on all judge paradigms ever!!-but u gotta drop it. O/weighs K's every day- just say "THIS IS TRY OR DIE FOR THE AFF WE COLD CONCEDE ALL CASE!!!" DA's r cool they help irl-BEST FRAMEWORK IS EDUCATION stuff like birds =ext. is the best impact, run it every chance you get These are also other DA's
  8. I usually go with something more subtle like,"Judge I'll match my speaks in Benjamin's ;)". If I know we aren't gonna win I'll pull some strings and perform a casual striptease- it's a stylistic choice- truly.
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