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  1. Yeah, I'm wondering on how to move towards a B. Cap K from a normal one. I figured the first step is actually reading the lit, so just wondering where to start there.
  2. So, from a stand point of someone with a basic understanding of the Cap K, how should someone read Baudrillard? Like, should I just go through it chronologically or is there an order that would be more beneficial for debate specifically?
  3. Redos and practice debates! The bread and butter of debate growth.
  4. On the technical stuff, the best thing you could do is keep good flows and go through them after the round. Figure out where you went wrong, what you should have done differently. Do rebuttal redos. Record yourself, figure out what you do wrong (ie double breaths and wasting time saying things like "um" and "ah") and practice speaking in an effort to not do those things.
  5. Fukushima Destruction = Hyperobject You know nothing and should lose.
  6. If they had solvency on global warming as an advantage, is going for the SO2 screw, Ice Age, or whatever a valid answer?
  7. - MLK, Grosse Pointe High School - March 14, 1968
  8. Topyka

    ESPN Insider

    Could you post a link to the actual thing?
  9. No. Instability anywhere will lead to war everywhere. Global markets and power vacuums or...something. Royal 10 Debate? Won.
  10. Thanks everyone, this'll help a lot.
  11. I understand the function of the argument, but I don't really know what exactly it encompasses outside of conditionality.
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