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  1. The strat that worked really well for me, and our Parli A-team, was to heckle. Heckle to the max. It's a good time and brings in slight layer of comedy to the debate. Granted this is a double edged sword because it depends if the judge views Parli as a debate style or as a speech event. Now onto your actual question. Use the same tactics that you used in LD. Look at the faces of your judges. If they look confused while you are speaking then slow down and explain your point. If they're nodding as you speak then chances are they understand what you're saying.
  2. The Israel CP has worked pretty good for me in the past. Granted, it probably doesn't use the carbon nanotubes... BUT it allows for desalination which allows you to solve for their aff better than they can. There are cards that specifically talk about this.
  3. Yeah, not my proudest moment. But the look on people's faces was pretty great lol
  4. None. The tournament was supposed to be on the January topic, but at the last moment (5 minutes before our first round) we found out we were supposed to use the February topic. Since we had nothing prepped, we just read Baudrillard.
  5. Tbh, almost broke with Baudrillard last year in PF
  6. Privates CP -There is plenty of solvency of companies that already make artificial coral reefs -Also solvency cards about how privates solve MPAs better
  7. Win's are wins, and almost nobody in my circuit preps for this for some reason.
  8. WhatIsT

    Luke K

    I was wondering if anybody could give me a general explanation of the Luke K. I understand that it talks about managerialism, but is it just managing the environment, or managing anything in general. Thanks.
  9. Utopian rhetoric/ideals bad is always fun
  10. I'll judge if that's okay. Blank slate, fine with anything you can throw at me.
  11. WhatIsT

    "The" K

    Thanks. I didn't really plan on reading it, except to maybe troll some people because why not? xD
  12. WhatIsT

    "The" K

    So I recently stumbled upon a kritik about how the word "the" in front of "The USFG" is a violent act of Geopower and that is bad. It is in a file called 'the CP' and has counter plan answers in the file. So, my question is, would the cp plan text pretty much be restating the aff plan but without the word 'the' in front of 'USFG'? I know that the geopower k would be the net ben in this instance and I would presume that the solvency is the same as the aff.
  13. Personally I dig it, but most of the judges are from my circuit so I am biased. As for competition/ hospitality that varies per year. Last year they were renovating the area where the debater's typically are so some teams (i.e. mine) were moved to random class rooms since there was a shortage of space. The majority of the super solid local CX teams have graduated so I don't really know how tough the competition will be this year. However, I can vouch that it is normally a very fun tournament, especially since it is the time in the when the Novices move up to JV
  14. Naw, it just made me laugh xD
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