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  1. I am just curious to get some input in this, as well as get some advice. My partner and I are sending in our apps to seven week for this summer, but I want to go above and beyond to be competitive. What is some good advice for the technical aspect of debate? Is it possible to give advice for the evidence gathering side? (we come from a small squad so that does have an impact.)
  2. Is there an art to running these like there is every other argument? If so, where is a good place to start learning. Looking through camp files, from what I see at least, there seems to be no form of block for mutual exclusivity. Would you access ME through redundancy? If not, how is the advantage CP a competitive argument?
  3. Kirito

    best cap k alt

    I usually read herod '4 with my cap k, however I think it is one of the more diverse alternative. That being said, there are an innumerable amount of alts and variations. The easiest way to find the 'best' one is to read as much lit as you can. A list of alts that I have run/have hit are: Do nothing, Herod '4, Historical Materialism... and that's just to name a few. Currently I am reading anti oedipus and it has potential for an alt, as well as numerous other authors such as Giroux, Zizek (Do nothing), Baudrillard, etc... Side note: I find that Herod '4 works best for the methodology debate and making arguments about how every round is key. This gives you room to read your fiat links and argue that the K comes before the aff with ease.
  4. Kirito

    Cap K

    Thank you! I am the F part of FY. Lol. And yeah, we were kicking ourselves for that one. For flay we started going for cp and a da or two while we over power them on case. And as for ROB, that was one of our weak points this year, while it bit us in the behind this round we started to block different ones for different affs. People started to put some framework cards in the bottom of their affs when they hit us, so ultimately we decided to go for the more diverse route. Are you judging for the SME tourney next year? If so you should ask to judge us .
  5. I have no idea what that is. Also, how would I block for it?
  6. In the three trails district I got about 80-90 percent speed rounds. It would be better if teams would prep for the K.
  7. I am working on cutting a cap K using a lot of DnG ev, as well as schizo-analysis for that alternative. What do people run against this kind of literature? I ask this so that I may block it out in advance.
  8. My partner and another male debater had outline competitions in our hotel room. It is not just your squad.
  9. It was a reference to AO... [holding back snarky comment on reading between the lines]
  10. Kirito


    Still need that cap K?
  11. Kirito


    Still need that cap K?
  12. Kirito

    Cap K

    What is a good book for semiocapitalism?
  13. Kirito

    Cap K

    My partner and I went for cap 20 times as neg this year. Our record on it ended up being 17-3, but I want to eliminate those three losses. What is some solid evidence that is a must have? What are some arguments that are solid round winners?
  14. Did I just develop schizophrenia?
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