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  1. Russian Atlantis discovered http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-28789836 not inherent lol
  2. I would need a specific plan text to answer your question.
  3. I agree, thats what I am saying . The case itself also isn't that obscure, NOAA data collection is going to be one of the bigger exploration topic areas this year.
  4. I agree that avoiding clash is bad for debate. However, my case has plenty of clash with a Biodiversity Adv and plenty on case . Having a obscure advantage isn't that bad in my book.
  5. I am writing a data collecting aff (IOOS) and I figured few people would be prepared to answer a weather advantage. Does anyone know a good Impact for Superstorms or Increasing extreme weather ? (I am hopping for a Economic or Death cost). I would appreciate any help .
  6. To late. One off. All in on race.
  7. That card would sink faster than the Titanic
  8. Down a bottle of Mountain Dew Throwback ! It has 70 grams of cane sugar and 90 something mg of caffeine. Its amazing.
  9. Is Northwestern the only camp to produce an IOOS AFF ?
  10. I was judging at Novice NFL and I came across a team that ran a Ven oil case with no plan text or defined advantages. When asked about it they said their coach never told them they had to have a plan text lol,
  11. In most topic lectures I have seen, they always seem to neglect exploration affs. What are some good ones ? The only one I have thought up is Satellite Ocean Mapping.
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