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  1. Here are some helpful links- Percent Female Competitors at NDT and CEDA: http://commfaculty.fullerton.edu/imatz/Research_Articles/Gender_Inequity/Gender_inequity_in_debate.htm "Women in High School Debate": http://groups.wfu.edu/debate/MiscSites/DRGArticles/Griffin&Raider1989PunishmentPar.htm Parli: http://www.parlidebate.org/pdf/vol7no4.pdf
  2. Gendered language/male generics are symptomatic of sexism and perpetuate sexism. Male generics like "mankind", "one giant step for man", "man v nature", "congressman" are all problematic. Women are excluded from language. Terms like "bro" "dude" "you guys" being used to women is ridiculous because the reciprocal is unthinkable in society. Men would find it emasculating to be called "girl". Thus, gendered language is LITERALLY dehumanizing since women are excluded from language. Men/masculine language is the norm in our colloquial discourse and women are the deviation from the norm of language. That is horrible and only possible because of sexism. I used to laugh this off and think "you guys" was not a big deal, but its actually really terrifying and horrible. Gendered language proves how widespread and ingrained sexism is in our society, even in our everyday language. For example in Spanish, the norm is masculine language and you change the last letter for feminine when you are only referring to women. In Japanese, girls and boys are even raised to speak differently. Women speak words differently so that they are softer sounding and more "submissive". Men speak more directly and more "vulgar". Its scary because the way we talk subconsciously affects how we think so much and how we think affects actions and view of self worth. So yes, I applaud you. Gender neutral language is important for inclusivity and debate. Discourse is very important. Discourse shapes reality. Also: You should avoid gendered language/male generics NOT JUST TO AVOID LINKING INTO K'S BUT ALSO TO JUST BE A GOOD HUMAN BEING.
  3. Does anyone have a list for this year?
  4. JDI is awesome! I thought the food and AC were both pretty good. The lab leaders are great too. Other than what's on the packing list all I can think of is a waterbottle, hand soap, and a notebook. I don't know why their website says they sell evidence. All evidence is posted online to the wiki so its free.
  5. snacks waterbottle ream of legal paper notebook flash drive timer laptop stand extension cord good pens towels laundry detergent/quarters sheets hand soap pillow!!! (i forgot mine last year)
  6. Could someone post the link to the NDT google doc?
  7. Military CP also works well because Medina (used to be a Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense) specifically says in her paper that "we recommend that [the US military] lead the mapping effort". If aff claims her as their solvency advocate, she easily becomes the CP solvency advocate. The solvency mechanism is really vague with this aff because they claim to "establish a federal framework" and "provide a unified planning tool". Its a frustrating aff to debate and vagueness could be convincing to some judges. Could also be somewhat extra-t considering Medina and others always describe MSP as an ideal system for oceans, coasts, and GREAT LAKES. Since its an ocean spatial management system, Heidegger (esp managerialism and calculative thought args) is a viable strat. Attached is the Medina paper most MSP affs are based on... OceanMapping_MedinaSmithSturgis.pdf
  8. PICs and PIKs are negative strategies used to moot a majority of affirmative offense. They include most of the plan MINUS one part. A PIC is a Plan-Inclusive Counterplan. The counterplan includes most of the affirmative plan MINUS one small part. Removal of this small part is where the negative gains their offense/net benefit. ex. The OTEC PIC was pretty popular this year against the MHK Renewables aff. The Plan Inclusive Counterplan was to do all of the marine hydrokinetic technologies MINUS one type of technology, OTEC. The negative then has to convince the judge that OTEC is really bad. The negative gains advantages from all the other hydrokinetic tech and claims offense by avoiding the negative environmental impacts that would be caused by the inclusion of OTEC. The PIC is really strategic for negative teams because it moots much of the affirmative's offense. The affirmative is forced to adamantly defend a tiny portion of their affirmative, because the negative says "The aff is fine except this one part that is really bad. You should vote neg to achieve aff advantages but avoid this one part of the aff that would lead to X really bad impact". One type of PIC you might see is the word PIC that endorse the affirmative's plan text without a certain word. The neg would gain offense from the removal of that word (ex. Middle Passage) A PIK is a Plan-Inclusive Kritik and is often used interchangeably with the term "Floating PIK". The floating PIK is when the alternative endorses the passage of the plan without the 1AC representations that would link to the Kritik. Neg offense/net benefit is the links to the K that are avoided. Normally, negatives don't declare it as a PIK and use analytics to say that alt endorses the plan without the bad reps. This is strategic because the affirmative is prepared to debate the effects of the plan, but is now forced to defend its representations. PICs are generally considered theoretically legitimate, but as BobbyTables mentioned above, Floating PIKs are generally considered pretty abusive.
  9. Here's Arizona: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oCP0kAmlf4AFh3J2_FSQQpmOVspSdyYWR7KSCiva5-M/edit?pli=1#gid=1287616236 Here's Gonzaga: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xa8Y7lfBySkeCW3XeSTdyz8AXp7JiwgxY9gSGx3b4SU/edit?pli=1#gid=1394334658
  10. Here ya go: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mCVvjqYwaCgzSKAysWoVTMGBFpBbF3hWV3LB4fznTQc/htmlview?usp=sharing&pli=1&sle=true#
  11. What is the difference between soft framework and hard framework?
  12. Yea, its basically the same aff. OMEGA is the method of growing algae to produce biofuels.
  13. What are the non-ocean things LOST does?
  14. Hello, I need to improve my flowing speed, so I'm interested in knowing what unique shorthand and abbreviations you all use while flowing, past the basics (UQ, L, mpt/mpx/!, ptx, S, I, T, FW, ROB, arrows). Also, any other general flowing tips are appreciated! Thanks!
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