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  1. Wow, a thread I can actually contribute productively to! (I mainly do congress– I have three bids this year). Theory definitely isn't a thing, but kritiks can be if you structure it right. The alt doesn't really exist– you basically just use the link and impact to justify why you should pass/fail a given piece of legislation. Also, policy arguments can be run to great effect in congress– most people (I'm assuming you're going to a local) are debating on a level wayyy below circuit-level policy, so if you can take the arguments you run in CX and break them down for the judges, you're going to be golden. As an example, the thesis of my speeches during Emory finals was heg bad, and during semis I broke out a terror talk K I had in my backfiles. I've run everything from economic decline causes war to the security K– there's a lot of room for different arguments in the event. Also, refute refute refute– people don't understand how to do this in congress. Congress can be fun if done right– but it takes work to get there.
  2. Sorry everyone, 1AR will be up this weekend. I got slammed by school repeatedly over the past few weeks.
  3. I'm late to the party, but I'd love to judge if that's alright- I'll post my thoughts and RFD later tonight.
  4. What countries are going to fill the oil gap? On the Air Force question, I'm talking about the Freed evidence. How does Air Force investment solve for clean energy in the entire military? So heg is in decline.... and without heg, states don't perceive the US as hostile. So how does the aff change this? I think I'm missing something here.
  5. Back. In the Kahn evidence on oil, what are the warrants for adaptation? How does Air Force investment solve for clean energy in the entire military? How do you define "islanding"? I think we have differing definitions here. Why is Dorfman incomprehensible? Wait... so you're saying that no country can threaten the US, but we still have the chance of war? Explain this one. So like you keep making all these specific indicts against specific instances of US heg being bad, why not just change relationships with those countries and still pass the plan? Where did the democracy promotion answer come from?
  6. Are people actually running this? I'm curious as to what this would look like.
  7. Who's going? I'll be there for congress (gotta get the first bid of the season), but if possible I'm hopefully going to try and watch some CX rounds on Friday!
  8. I actually found a novice! It's incredible! He actually seems interested in policy, despite the best work of our LD captains to dissuade him! He's done LD a couple times, so he has a decent debate background, but I have no idea where to start teaching him. Any suggestions?
  9. 1. The warrant in the Voth evidence is "tensions...escalate with Iran in the Strait of Hormuz." The examples used in Loudermilk are "the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan." How does the military get into Iraq without going through the Strait of Hormuz, and how does the aff get OFFSHORE reactors into Afghanistan? Here's a map. Thanks for the map, I couldn't find one on the internet. xD And Afghanistan was just an example, there's a few different ways we could, each as unsavory as the next, but the fact remains that it would be PHYSICALLY possible to route energy lines into Afghanistan from SMRs. The aff doesn't say we're going to only target military installations in Iraq and Afghanistan though- if it did, it would be nontopical so you should just consider those potential examples of the massive untapped potential SMRs have. 2. Can you tell me exactly which cards you'll defend as saying "hegemony and deterrence are the same thing"? Brzezinski and Feist discuss the idea that US hegemony lets us ACT as the ultimate deterrer of aggression in the world. Never said hegemony= only deterrence, that's creating a false dichotomy. 3. How does the aff get clean water everywhere around the world? Nuclear power, when it uses seawater as a cooling mechanism, creates fresh water as a byproduct. Reverse osmosis and all that jazz- as a chem major, I'm sure you're familiar with the concept
  10. I MAKE MY TRIUMPHANT RETURN FROM THE DEPTHS OF AP US HISTORY AND CONGRESSIONAL DEBATE. (aka sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry for the delay) Open for CX. Speech 2AC 9-28 12AM.docx
  11. I MAKE MY TRIUMPHANT RETURN FROM THE DEPTHS OF AP US HISTORY AND CONGRESSIONAL DEBATE. (aka sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry for the delay) Open for CX.
  12. rykennedy55

    2NR tips?

    Any strategy tips for giving an awesome 2NR? I was double-twos last year, but I'm just the 2N this year, and considering I've only had a few rounds of experience, I was curious if any of y'all have any tips for getting better or drills to do.
  13. Gotcha. I was just curious as to how that sort of scenario would play out. Thank you!
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