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  1. It's like UIL LD in all of texas- fairly traditional with not much latitude for "progressive" arguments like K's, CP's, DA's, theory, or T
  2. Just curious to know what the shape of the immigration topic is looking like so far and to hear thoughts from the community on it. (posted on immigration forum, but that was dead so i'll try a more active one)
  3. I'm curious because I don't see a lot of negative arguments that current pools of debate judges would buy
  4. Just curious to what you all have seen so far and what the topic meta is shaping up to be like
  5. I'm not leaving a full RFD but 2 comments for the negative regarding how your strategic choices would've made it hard to win my ballot: 1. 1nc strategy: I'm not sure why this is a quality test of the aff. I don't think that the kritik is a good test of the aff for a few reasons: 1) the aff is clearly anti-capitalist and anti-neoliberal- I don't see why bifo would disagree with the aff or why the alternative of "endorsing programming as a new means of cultivating political subjectivity" disagrees with the aff. At best, I think you have a suffering reps link and a state/university bad link. Those could've been 2 separate offs- a full suffering reps/disaster porn k and a full university/state bad k. The T shell I think is also a poor choice. I'm very hard pressed to find a violation when the 1AC fiats USFG action and the interp is must defend USFG action. I would 100% buy the we meet and I can't think of an argument you could make to beat it back. If you wanted to read T you should've read an interp saying puerto rico is not part of the US. You try to add this on in the block as extra-T but that should've been the interp/violation in the first place. Another T interp you could've read could've been something like "must defend an action that occurs in all 50 states and territories"- there's a decent abuse story there since affs for example that only benefit 1 state or territory are hard to research and prepare or argue against. 2. 2NR: I'm not sure why you thought it was a good decision to go for both arguments. You should've picked one and gone way more in-depth on it than you did with either 2NR argument. The point of the 2NR is to pick something and sell it to a judge. You need to explain the argument in-depth in broad terms, give a vision of what voting negative does, sort out all of the line by line, and then seal off the best possible outs the 2AR could take. In the end I'm left with a poorly extended T shell and some weak spots on the K where you didn't shut the door. Never do this again unless something is 100% dropped or they made 2 arguments or something in the 1AR. For me, you should've spent the entire 2NR on the K and kicked T. I hope this helps.
  6. I'm apparently judging this round so--- paradigm here: https://www.tabroom.com/index/paradigm.mhtml?judge_person_id=34510
  7. No this RFD made sense dw more feedback and rfd's always appreciated!
  8. Here's the 2AR: case, DA, CP good debate. 2AR debateak.docx
  9. This round gave me a hearty laugh. I love bizarre rounds like this!
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