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  1. Circumvention arguments will be crazily strong and strategic, especially considering lots of internal link chains will deal with perception. Frame them as terminal solvency deficits to the Aff, and a reason to vote negative on presumption.
  2. Fair enough - this is not my A strat, but a back up strat for particular teams.
  3. Does anyone have any advice on reading one off psycho security (Lacan)? What should I have in the 1NC shell? How should the block be split? Any other advice? Thanks EDIT:*Are there any other K's that are better than psychoanalysis, that can still be read one off?
  4. Yo, So I'm having a hard time because I have a lack of partner for next year. My school is 6a size size (2500+students), yet we have a debate team of 8 people - 3 seniors, a sophomore (me), and two juniors, and two novices who are about to drop out. As my partner, who is a senior, graduates this year, I am devoid of a partner for next year. What do I do? I put all my time into debate and love it and have hopes of getting far in the ToC. What do I need to do to find a partner? :C Thanks Mike
  5. Yo- so while debate is technical, some very experienced debaters have all told me debate still is about persuasion- what are some phrases y'all use that you think are really persuasive? Thanks, CapAddict
  6. What is durable fiat? Whats the difference between durable fiat when it comes to counterplans and kritiks? Thank you, Mike
  7. Yo - so this debate which I'm sure many of you have seen - Rutgers RS vs Georgetown AM - is a great round, but I still fail to understand Georgetown's alt... would someone mind explaining it to me? And does anyone have a copy of it? Thanks, Mike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emjk6rfZDyw
  8. Maybe its good, we could also listen to Malthus' theories about population, to save the sharks/whales we must kill them all... #BadArgument
  9. I think we've all missed the greatest argument of this topic. PIC'ing out of "fish" and renaming them seakittens in accordance with PETA's amazing idea that... if we rename them seakittens we're less likely to brutally murder then eat them. Indpendantly solves overfishing. - Gannon
  10. Hi, So I am going into my second year of debate, and am currently at a great debate camp, but I keep running into the same question that no one ever answers. In a practice debate, the other team put a "deterrence fails" card at the bottom of their block in answer to my DA. My instinct (because it directly responded to my impact), was to put my answer to it before the line-by-line on the impact o/v. The judge treated this as a pretty big mistake (to my surprise) but didn't tell me where to put it afterwards. I assume that I should put it on the line-by-line, but then how do I do warrant and evidence comparison effectively overall, without doing it twice, both in the impact o/v and on the line-by-line? Thanks for all your help! Mike
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