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  1. Lol everyone here is going to some big named university camp and here I am going to the WTAMU 1 week camp.
  2. Oh my goodness, upvote for you sir. I'm going to run this on some poor novice next year rofl.
  3. I just walked into this so will someone kindly explain what's going on?
  4. Yeah I know why are you guys acting like the NSA metadata collection program is the only topical program? I'm sure you can run an aff about banning red light cameras and how red light cameras are "domestic surveillance".
  5. Lol I'm sure you can find evidence saying that even though they "shut it down", the NSA will keep the program running in secret to "protect" national security.
  6. Here in Texas it depends on what organization and what part of the state. Here in the Texas panhandle, its very traditional, kritiks are frowned upon and stock issues is all we do. Elsewhere especially around the big cities its relatively k friendly. There is absolutely no way someone from my area will be able to compete well at the national level as our style just doesn't prepare someone for commonly used arguments used everywhere else. When I first joined this forum, I was relatively experienced at policy but words and names like Heidegger and Afropessimism being thrown around just showed me how backwards my area is.
  7. Locally, most affs here are: aquaculture aquaculture aquaculture I was kinda getting sick of hearing that everyone was going to starve because we don't have enough tuna.
  8. Pair this with a global warming/water wars contention and you're pretty much set.
  9. You kidding me? My main excuse for not breaking to finals was that I lost to the state champions when people on my team ask how I did. Needless to say, you guys bulldozed us lol.
  10. Thanks that's helpful. When I went up against that Heidegger K, I tried to sever the link so I know that. I kinda understand perms, that you're saying you can go with the kritik and still go with the aff, but how do you do that?
  11. I'm not sure what you mean. And are theory arguments effective against Kritiks?
  12. Although I'm a relatively experienced policy debater, my area doesn't run K's often as we are very traditional. Of this entire year I've only seen it run against me twice, the first one was poorly run and the judge didn't consider it in his RFD, the second time, we got wrecked as it was against an east texas debater who are really experienced with K's. They ran the Heidegger k. Ive been going through K's on the open evidence project and I pretty much get the basic idea behind them. However, I have no idea what the terms deontology, epistemology, and ontology are and how they relate to K's. I'm going to UIL CX state in a couple weeks and I really need to learn all I can about kritiks. As the title says, I pretty much need a crash course in kritiks and my coach who is very traditional doesn't have many resources on kritiks. Any help would be great.
  13. I just got this file and these cards are dope af
  14. tacoman71


    I'm not new to policy debate by any means but I know this is a noob question but what does A/T stand for? I know what it is basically blocks of evidence to counteract a specific argument but I have no idea what it means.
  15. And can you explain rights malthus a little more? I live in an area where if you run a K, you are considered a complete asshole who deserves to go to hell so I'm not too acquainted with philosophical concepts.
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