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  1. McGougan // Ilake Dai/Sun and Lee/Li
  2. but not really, at all... triangulation != equivalence if it makes you feel any better we practically* made a case neg to your aff (*practically because you know we are the scrappiest of the scrappy)
  3. duuuuuuuude that's my aff!
  4. as far as i know, you're essentially guaranteed admission if you apply before they run out of spots (i always applied in march after my season ended and i was fine, just don't drag it on until may or something). from there it's just a question of lab placement.
  5. make sure they have a decent understanding of the 1nr position so they can at least riff on the impact scenario for 5 min. if you're going to be double 2s, the 1ar will be the difficult speech. slim wrote a really helpful post on tooling the 1ar back in her junior year after debating with various novices for a tiny school; she was a second-year debater and double 2s when she wrote this, i was her novice partner who had essentially zero experience -- we were octafinalists at gonzaga with that haphazard arrangement, so take it as a sign that you can still win the uphill battle if you put some thought and a lot of work into it. speaking as someone who was double 1s for several tournaments with a vastly more capable partner -- topic knowledge is something of a luxury rather than a necessity; worry more about technique and making sure your partner has a basic understanding of how argument components function than the specifics of topic knowledge. have them read through the full text of the aff and answer cx questions, then read through your 2ac blocks and practice explaining/extending whatever you're planning to go for in the 2ar... explain things to them and have them take notes, then turn the notes into 1ar blocks. redos will be helpful. reading through files will also be helpful. take some time to sit down and explain the nuances of the aff and common neg arguments to them -- above all, be really patient; it's definitely taxing doing the work of both partners and i sympathize with you, but it can also be incredibly stressful to be the partner who just isn't good enough. best of luck!
  6. reviving it; respond or else my nominations will remain uncontested, i guess open call to all wa debaters: if you're in the greater seattle area, hmu and we'll go to the aquarium together. Best judge: mccool Best coach: Best squad/school: interlake, tbh Best team: interlake lm (strictly speaking, sgs rm) Best aff team: gprep js Best neg team: sgs rm Best kritik debater: slim Best straight-up policy debater: kashif Best aff: mexican sewers, let's be real Best negative position: chow Most persuasive speaker: kashif Most helpful person: mccool Most hardworking debater: slim, yae-rang Fastest debater: emily!!! Best debater overall: slim Novice to watch out for next year: aria from vashon The best team next year: Squad to watch out for next year: ingraham, i think Funniest debater: julia zaglin, isaac Most fun debater to judge/watch: yae-rang Rookie team of the year: jason and colin from ingraham, henny from kamiak Most underrated team: mt vernon hk Most underrated debater: kate from sgs Most improved debater: callan foster Most improved team: vashon sz & co. (addendum: as always, sorry for western washington bias, the cascades are not that easy to cross; "strictly speaking" because sarah and isaac couldn't compete locally; also, whether or not i used your last name doesn't signify anything about you - i'm just too tired to agonize about it and it's 3 the night before camp)
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