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  1. How do I structure this into a shell? Would I still do a we meet, counter interp, and opposing standards? What should I start preparing defense for in order to defend the arg?
  2. So are you recommending not using a K approach?
  3. I thought the point of epistemic disobedience was to break away from the mindset of coloniality and embrace a type of genealogy approach?
  4. BTW Jared and Native, what the benefits to either option offered? What would I need to do to take the Aff in either direction? Thanks for being patient.
  5. Thanks for all the help offered. I will post a new 1AC once I have incorporated the advice given just to be sure I understood correctly.
  6. What about epistemic disobedience that is advocated for by Mignolo as a solvency mech? That is what I have been leaning towards in my research. And Native, how would you go about framing that? And would that be in the 1AC or the 1AR (the second speech)?
  7. The National Forensics Association Lincoln-Douglass (College LD) Debate topic: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase restrictions on bioprospecting.
  8. Hey Cross-X. I am needing help writing my first K Aff for NFA LD. I have a working draft, but am in need of a advocacy statement and "solvency". I was thinking maybe discourse or something, but I am really not too sure at the moment. Any guidance or general direction is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. *The resolution is at the top of the document that is attached. Colonialism 1AC.docx
  9. Thanks to everyone for your help. I have begun working on a file for the Cap K. Btw I will make sure to correct my spelling. Kritik or Critique. Got it! However, the file I picked up from open evidence has a poor alt to be using in my position. It appears to be a partial rejection of cap instead of full, which probz makes it easier to perm. Got any ideas for better alts? I don't mind doing the research for it, I just want to have something that is debatable and not a give away in the respect that a perm would end the K debate. Thanks in advance, and thanks for all of the great advice. Apologies to Spurlock for me being naive on the quality of being generic when it comes to Anthro and Cap.
  10. Wow! Thanks Phantom707! I just learned a whole lot. The only major question I have is what does epistemology have to do with the debate round. Furthermore, where is a starter file for Cap K that I can begin working on improving and begin using? Probz gonna be in Open Evidence, but I don't completely understand the format of that database.
  11. Point taken. Where do I need to go to read up on Anthro literature? And how do I run Anthro?
  12. Hello, Cross-X. I am wanting to try some minor K debate so that I can have a better understanding of what I will be facing at Nat Quals. I was directed at either learning Anthro or Cap, so I choose Cap 'cause Anthro is really generic and not very strong in round. Simply put, my partner would waste his breath in the 1NC and the K wouldn't make it past the 2NC. However, I am pretty new to CX, and don't completely understand how a K functions in round. So, my question is how do you correctly run a K and where do I need to go to get more understanding on Cap Bad. Any additional info would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  13. Chaos, I went ahead and took your advice and edited the civil unity advantage, condensed it, and am looking for even more evidence to replace the mediocre evidence that it has for a warrant. I also removed the job creation advantage, as you were absolutely right about it being cliche and unoriginal. However, I still need another contention/advantage to make this case viable. Have any ideas that I could look into? I also plan to use remaining time to slightly cover the Neg's case, similar to how it is done in LD. Is that possible and/or necessary? Public Subsidies Affirmative.docx
  14. Not necessarily, but having a framework allows for more leeway on my debating style. On top of that, it allows my partner and I to get easy wins against the novices without having to work as hard and makes it more difficult for us to lose against the more experience debaters from private schools and the such. However, I could probably make do without a framework.
  15. So what should I use for my framework? I did not understand what your idea in the previous post.
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