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  1. Xil

    K BEFORE Theory?

    I've always loved how K's were first explained to me in this regard - Imagine the debate is a game of Monopoly, the game itself is the substantive debate, collecting money like collecting impacts, all to outweigh your opponent. The rules of the game are the theory, keeping us constrained to a certain way of playing. But if we stand up and look at the board from a distance, thinking of what the game taught us, we can see that maybe the rules of monopoly are good for playing monopoly, but might just teach us to be capitalistic asshole landlords. Making that inspection of the game the K level and justifying a need to either a.) ignore the game, or b.) changing the game. Translated in to debate terms a.) theory comes second, b.) K funtions on the theory level Pretty much you can always win K > Theory by claiming its higher level, the rules of the game shouldn't come before the lesson the game teaches us.
  2. What are some tournaments I should be looking in to as a first year out? Edit - Should have probably mentioned that I'm going to college in the DFW area, and had competed on the Houston and National circuits in CX/LD for 4 years. Hence why I don't know much about the tournaments around here.
  3. Psst, whit, we went to the same school, you're always able to ask me
  4. It's not like bringing the discussion back hurts, cross-x is pretty slow as it is so we don't really have to worry about the forums getting clogged... Especially not the Critiques section. As for the actual topic, speaking for others is a tricky subject because you have to claim that speaking out for another group is helpful while at the same time not trying to say your voice is more important (In the ethical sense; I;e it's probably bad if you claim that a white person's opinion is more important than a black person's when addressing issues of race) I like making more of a coalition-esque argument, saying that "My voice is supporting (insert group), I may not personally know their struggle, but that certainly doesn't mean I have to stand idle"
  5. How are teams going to adapt (assuming it's a policy round) to the lack of sustainable DA ground on this topic? Due to the sheer enormity of the world's oceans, the only link-able affs would be things that have generic links (I;E - PTX/Spending) or impact-based links (I;E - Hege bad, Renewables bad). So far on Open Ev the camps have been reflecting this by mainly posting DA's only applicable to affs that were there during the sessions, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see on that. But I digress, unless an aff is going to directly affect the U.S on a massive scale (A plan happening in the waters surrounding the U.S), any plan happening in foreign waters for any reason besides resource extraction are going to have little to no linkable arguments.
  6. The simplest explanation for what fascism is in terms of debate impacts is that it freezes political communication to only be relative to the state's desires. Anything that is deemed to be too far away from this norm is then targeted and systematically destroyed. Like in the card that DanCon quoted, fascism manifests itself in things like racism, xenophobia, the oppression of women etc. , but contrary to the popular opinion this doesn't happen at the macropolitical (Governmental/State) level, it happens in the micropolitical level (Individuals), hence making it a microfacism. I guess it's readily apparent why forms of oppression like racism and misogyny are impacts, but like most D&G debates people have a problem with specifying what microfacism is for fear that the uber k-judge will consider them pond-scum for not using buzzwords.
  7. I'll gladly say I don't have any deeper understanding about how D&G should operate in debate, I just didn't understand why it was a status symbol. You people are very high-strung around here.
  8. Xil

    How do I answer...

    In reference to language that's a completely legitimate mistake to make. It's quite different then intending to harm someone by punching them. EDIT: Which was the point the author was trying to make in the card. Language can have unknown meanings to some people due its nature as a fluid construct -> Leading to offensive mistakes -> Intention matters
  9. Xil

    How do I answer...

    No, but now that I think about it Butler would be a perfect author for it. It was some ancient philosopher. It always threw me off because it was a B.C date.
  10. I went LD one year, and policy for the rest.
  11. Woah, hold up. I never doubted your understanding. My point was that even your file is explained by most debaters in a way that doesn't begin to explain their actual philosophy. Didn't mean any offense to you.
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