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  1. District 9 Qualifiers: Belton A Cantwell/Patel Blue Springs South A Kelsay/Pryde Truman A (unknown) Van Horn A (unknown) 1st place: Belton A Cantwell/Patel 2nd Place: Blue Springs A South Kelsay/Pryde 3rd places: Van Horn A and Truman A.
  2. How about a tiger? I'm sure someone down the line has had sex with a tiger.
  3. I don't see the relevance of the question of whether or not I would have coitus with a bear.
  4. 1. Why would the author endorse/write something he doesn't agree with? Heidegger rejected the nazi party's grounding within metaphysical understandings of dasein. I think I know where you're going to continue going here. I'm not arguing that he wasn't a card carrying member. What's key here is that your evidence doesn't really say why reading Heidegger leads to Nazism. It only says that Heidegger himself was a Nazi so that must mean voting for aff endorses nazism, which is completely untrue when it comes to the 1ac and what I just presented in the 2ac. My evidence as to why I can use the aff as a kritik of national socialism or tech is much better than your leap of logic on this question. you have to PROVE an endorsement of the aff leads to nazi thought. if the judge(s) thinks I win this argument, I solve tech thought therefore I then solve all your nazism turns. 2. What is the threshold to your case? Evaluation is endorsed by the judges ballot. 3. Heidegger often refers to an ideal environment with limited technology- what the hell is the pressing matter about tech that we couldn't pass this next week? That would be another week with no discussion or evaluation about the problems Zimmerman '94 highlights. 4. Did Heidegger reject the nazis, or did the nazis reject Heidegger? Heidegger rejected their metaphysical understandings of dasein. 5. Why would Heidegger reject the nazi's, but join them? He thought they had a good idea, turns out they didn't. 6. In one word- What's Heidegger's Epistemology? This is impossible to answer in one word. Heidegger believed that knowledge is something that does not inherently belong to man but is revealed to man. 7. In what frame of thought are you in while using this laptop? That this laptop could be used for terrible things. 8. How does the world of the alt look, recognizing a nazi policy/mindset? Looks Nazi free to me. 9. Would you fuck a bear? Define bear. 10. Would that bear let you? who knows
  5. not yours, and the purpose of this v-debate isn't to even address what you said.
  6. It was quarters. And yeah, the beef is real. And will do, I'm aware of your forums. Checked them out last year after we met and hit and you knocked us out of state-qualifier quarters haha. Have a good one.
  7. upvote x100 for that monkeys out of the barrel comment btw
  8. god damn i love CXing w/ you Jake. no further questions. 2ac up in a bit.
  9. Those who are aware how shitty things are in Missouri, and desperately want to debate at a higher level, beyond the shit slinging that occurs at most tournaments. I don't think MKSPHR falls under shit slinging, however we can agree to disagree on that point it's whatever. However this statement is exactly how my partner and I, and our independant coach, feel, and I thank you for bringing it up. I could spend days talking about how intellectually oppressive this circuit is and how most coaches just re-entrench the shitty ideals that make the circuit fucked. <---- keep that in mind come around this time next year, is all I'll say at the moment.
  10. Oh one more question, what exactly is your interpretation for frame?
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