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  1. Jacob smith, u are the weirdest mother fucker I've ever seen. I know who you are from sdi, I also know that u like penis so pleaze leave.
  2. Shut the fuck up Joseph overman, I've seen u at tournaments and I know that u only hang with Indian dudes and have never seen pussy before. Please pass through
  3. Theopanarcmachine, you are clearly a virgin and nothing is wrong with that. But this forum is not for you.
  4. If your a virgin please pass through and don't down vote it
  5. In my experience, I have found sexual intercourse with other debaters disappointing. A lot of them have floppy pussies and duesh with weird shit like coconut. And the worst part is how conservative debater bitches are, I've only gotten anal once. Does any other man have this problem? Seriously keep it real.
  6. seriously guys its from the movie the shinning, a little respect.
  7. coach of GBS and KU. And I'm not fucking trolling when I say people should have plan texts. There's a reason k teams were brain dead turkeys before the last few years
  8. Dude Jon voss says u should have a plan text so does Scott Harris. Why 8 downvotes?
  9. watch it with the insults brosph I don't make fun of you though with a profile pic like yours I could. Coke use in debate might transform me into the best
  10. The Dow jones dropped 300 points today. Does this effect oceans?
  11. But your k aff should have a plan text or u will get roasted on topicality. I really like topicality
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