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  1. "as demonstrated here, Edward's diving bell missions can be seen as a metaphor, if we explore our unknown depths of the ocean we may find "treasures" beyond our wildest dreams"
  2. If my partner and I do end up preparing a counter-plan for this we'll also make sure to prepare a standard Neg, just in case.
  3. thanks for the insight. I believe that it could be a viable counter-plan to an Offshore Drilling for Oil Aff, however I am new to this type of debate so I may be completely off :/
  4. hey guys, I'm fairly new to policy but i've been doing some research and I stumbled across something that may work for a counter-plan to and offshore drilling for energy aff. Apparently there is an element called Thorium that could potentially power the United States for 1,000 years using just one deposit in Salmon, Idaho. here's the link, http://www.resourceinvestor.com/2009/02/04/is-this-the-dawning-of-the-age-of-thorium. This is just one of the articles i've found. Long story short (too late) do you think this could be a passable counter-plan?
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