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  1. Best meme team: anyone that doesnt disclose Best meme in round: going for politics on the aff Nicest to women: julian Best sophomore: JULIAN Most elitist: Shawnee Mission North Least offensive squad: lansing Greatest k debater in history: andy hui Prettiest smile: gen Best anthro debater: gen Best debater named Patrick: sean kennedy Best shoes to debate in: new balances Best sock/shoe game: nate martin Best partnership shoe game: bvw bb Best crocs: Damn Nate! Back at it again with the white crocs! Best Sweaters (Hint, it's Will Bledsoe's Australian sweaters): Will Bledsoe's Australian sweaters Most humiliating loss: when i couldnt go for condo against bvsw nj Team most convinced heg is good: SMW HV Most likely to be elected president: chase todd Most likely to have a scandal in office: jack ross Biggest SJW: andy hui Biggest ego: andy hui Best tournament jpresch made cookies at: nfl quals Best hair: andy hui Best laptop stickers: saifs butterflys Mac or PC: PC Most fun to spend New Years with: GEN Best at keeping prep time: iPhone 6S Best human ever: gen Best non-human ever: corgis On a scale of 1-10 how good is heg: 10
  2. For the 2AC My condo block is: "Condo bad is a voter- skews time and strat, not reciprocal, infinitely regressive, creates a moving target, and dispo solves their offense – our interpretation is that the neg gets 1 conditional advocacy" The offense/defense should usually be the same with the skews time/strat, not reciprocal, etc. but you should choose what your interp is be it they get one condo advocacy, dispo, unconditional, 2 condos. whatever you can articulate the best or works better for the round. should be a pretty blippy argument and you need to slow down a bit and pause a second to make sure the judge flows all the arguments. In the condo debates that I've had I've found your interp of dispo is the best way to win the debate because your interp allows for neg and aff control of neg strats and forces a bit more strategic thinking than reading a bunch of adv cp's. If you're gonna go for it in the 1AR/2AR make sure there is some real in round abuse (you only read perms and impact defense, for example) so you can prove that abuse.
  3. Over the past couple years I've had multiple ways to organize my files on my laptop. I've reorganized time and time again but each time i do it i find it just as hard to get to my files. So my question is how do you organize your files? Folders, everything on the desktop?
  4. DCI is the TOC of Kansas debate. Due to KSHSAA rules we can't travel farther than 500 miles from the school, i.e. most bid tournaments, and the TOC itself. So to compensate they created DCI. You need 2 bids to qualify, you earn 1 bid by making it in the top 16 at any of the tournaments listed (some only break to quarters) and can earn 2 by winning the tournament. It's pretty much exclusive to Kansas debate, I've never heard of a similar practice on a state level anywhere else in the country.
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