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  1. Between the cross-x questions and your claim that there were so many options you didn't know what to run, I got curious.
  2. Where does Royal say decline doesn't cause war? I know he rejects costly signaling theory, but I had been under the impression he thought the question of war was fairly settled.
  3. Only if it goes conceded and the judge is tech over truth. For most judges, just saying it's not a real argument is sufficient.
  4. Feel free to read them, but don't call it a link of omission; frame it as the other team actively excluding whatever you critique from their analysis. In general, links of omission don't answer the perm very well, but they are useful to have in the 1nc if you don't have a case specific link but can still win the link debate with analytics.
  5. The latter makes more sense against alts like "reject the 1ac to ".
  6. really, you should probably always read framework; not necessarily "they don't get the K", but at least enough to ensure you get your aff; otherwise, the negative will probably win that you don't get fiat. Also, watch for satellite Ks in the block. One of the easiest ways to lose a debate is to not catch the independent biopower K in a security shell, for example.
  7. This article is a fantastic explanation: http://ceasefiremagazine.co.uk/in-theory-deleuze-war-machine/
  8. Could you tell us your actual plantext? The description you gave seems rather vague.
  9. It's key to differentiate from evidence that was "hot dropped".
  10. Vagueness is possibly the worst theory violation in debate. As you've noted, it makes literally every aff theoretically illegitimate because there's an infinite number of things that can be more specifically specified.
  11. A solvency advocate is somebody who says the plan/counterplan should be done. It's necessary to guarantee the existence of a literature base on the advocacy.
  12. If we accept that interpretation, then the fights should already have occurred by the time the judge signs the ballot, which seems to take out the DA just as thoroughly. Also, why should the aff be forced to defend that Obama is the one pushing the plan?
  13. Also, perm. If we shouldn't try to know things, then the Ks attempt to know the aff through the link debate should probably be rejected, as should the neg's attempt to know themselves as distinct from the aff.
  14. Is there any evidence he's pushing to prevent keystone? There's got to be some keystone bad evidence available.
  15. International fiat is fiating any actor from a nation other than the US. The neg can say it's key to things like testing the "United States Federal Government" part of the resolution, checking unpredictable affs, etc.
  16. Stop spewing your lies. Helvetica is clearly the best font.
  17. Can anybody recommend some videos of rounds in which the 2nr went for framework?
  18. Most teams just put them on the solvency flow; it depends on how important it is to the aff, though. If it's something you expect to matter every 2ar (ie structural violence first, fear of death bad, no war) it should probably get its own flow and your contention name seems fine.
  19. Normally, yes, but I think you can do more specific analysis with the Middle Passage aff. If you argue that their description of the Middle Passage factually contradicts your Marxist analysis (or whatever the alt you prefer is), the perm seems to be beatable because the theses of the aff and the neg are functionally opposed. Could you elaborate on the T/Framework distinction? If you say "defend USFG action", you seem to be framework, and if you don't, what violation would you read and how does it exclude them any less?
  20. Sure, the pirate ship offered freedom and equality for the pirates, but it seems hard to justify any broader claims when we have clear records of pirates keeping slaves and violently assaulting and murdering those who opposed them. While it may be the case that there exist some instances in which pirates demonstrated some form of equality, I'm not sure why the pirates metaphor is better than one without all that baggage.
  21. While we're on the subject, Ben Woodard's On an Ungrounded Earth contains a bit about the death star: The most well-known planet killer is no doubt Star Wars’ Death Star. The Death Star uses a powerful laser to obliterate planets that dare to defy the empire. The Death Star, through impossible energy expenditure, smooths out space since it is a war machine that replaces what it destroys, a sphere of complete militarization, though its weaknesses are quickly exploited and the machine is destroyed. Far more impressive planet killers exist in science fiction.
  22. Or, "Yes our authors hate the government. The government is bad"; no reason to read another card on an argument that doesn't matter.
  23. Affwise, there's a decent amount of lit saying for-profit prisons are literally slavery and trade off with effective crime prevention. Negwise, probably some sort of econ impact?
  24. Why would you ever read moral realism is nihilism or relativism? Half the point of moral realism is that it very effectively avoids nihilism, and it claims that morality is an objective fact about the world, which seems to make relativism an equally uphill battle.
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