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  1. Also, infinite regression. Every time the K is brought up, the elites will say "okay, we'll stop doing bad things, but make an exception this one time", the end result being that no change is made at all.
  2. If you win competing interpretations, then the question of the debate is which model of the resolution is better, so the abusiveness of a particular aff is irrelevant.
  3. Competition on the Advantage CP is generally created by a DA. If they read multiple advantages, you can also impact turn whichever ones your CP doesn't solve.
  4. Schizoanalysis is ableist, DnG are privileged hacks, indicts of psychoanalysis, perms.
  5. Thanks for the explanation. Why is any of that true, though?
  6. Why do Deleuze and Guattari say desire is a productive force and what are the implications of that argument?
  7. The Debate is Ableist aff might have some of what you're looking for: http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Edgemont/Cai-Hussain+Aff
  8. Generally, the floating PIK is made in the block on a reps K (links are based on the justifications for the plan, not the actions of the plan, which means the alternative can still include plan action and the aff can't outweigh); it's generally considered theoretically illegitimate, so that's usually sufficient.
  9. If they win cap root cause, why doesn't this argument go away?
  10. Where's your uniqueness claim? Any aff that claims to be political will have a strong defense of why politics is meaningless or inaccessible to them. Also, there are fairly solid critiques of the idea that politics is the same thing as state action.
  11. That works if they drop it, but there's some pretty good evidence that transhumanism will only be beneficial to the economic elites, while worsening the conditions for the lower classes.
  12. The wikipedia article on colonialism has a section on Marxist analyses of it; check the citations there. Odds are a google search for 'Marxism colonialism' would give you results. Honestly, you ould probably make the argument analytically.
  13. What does it mean for Kant's position to be that being is not a predicate? Source: Now, this notorious demonstration of our inability to move automati- cally from a concept to the existence of a numerable set, an all or whole, may ap- pear to confirm positions that are themselves opposed. On the one hand, it might be pressed into service to support the nominalist position that there are no sets, classes, or universals of any kind. With Russell’s paradox we can seem to be wit- nessing the comeuppance of abstract thought, which here becomes entangled in its introduction own snares while trying to introduce categories, sets and classes, that have no exis- tence in reality. On the other hand, the paradox might be taken to exemplify Kant’s transcendental position that being is not a predicate, that being as such transcends and thus makes fail every concept or the very reason that tries to grasp it. The paradox would confirm in the first case the nonexistence, and in the sec- ond the existence of the being that is in question; but in each case it would be a certain impotence of thought that would be laid bare. Alain Badiou, militant mathematician and highly independent disciple of Lacan, has comprehensively ar- gued, however, that the paradox exposes not the confused relation of thought to it- self, but the power of thought, of the concept, to capture being, to effect existence. He draws from the paradox its ontological import, describing Russell’s concept as “a materialist argument [which] demonstrates that multiple-being is anterior to the statements that affect it.”3 One could restate Badiou’s conclusion thus: if we can- not proceed without hitch from a concept to the existence of its extension or to the existence of the totality of what it predicates, as Frege wanted to believe we could, this is not because at some point thought falters in its attempt to think being, but because being is not-all, being itself never forms a totality. Moreover, it is thought that makes an all of being impossible. It is thought that makes this impossibility of constituting an all a property (not of thought, but) of being. Russell demonstrated (which is not to say he argued, for indeed he resisted and continuously tried to undo what he had inadvertantly shown) not that we cannot think the all of being, but that there is none. There is no whole of being, no “all there is,” there are only appearances in their particularity.
  14. Closer to "We should let everyone die bc life is terrible", at least as I've seen it.
  15. Uhh... Strategic cross-applications? Negation theory? Part of the condo debate?
  16. BobbyTables


    It can be useful to read a get off the rock argument. At some point in the future, the sun will explode and everybody on earth will die, so the only way to avert extinction is to attempt to colonize space, infinite future generations, etc. Also, dedev almost certainly kills billions of people. In particular, agriculture is dependent on things like GMOs, fertilizers, pesticides, and other industrial farming technologies to maintain a productive capacity that can sustain a large population.
  17. Why isn't Nietzsche a double turn with the aff?
  18. An answer I've seen a few times is that people who find life intolerable have the option of committing suicide, and causing extinction denies people the choice to live. If the 1ac doesn't explicitly defend extinction, you could read spark. Some versions of the K are in the context of future generations, which could be a link to Edelman (might contradict your aff, though. Their representations are probably bad for people in the round with depression or suicidal thoughts, so you could make that a reason to reject them if they don't warn everyone watching beforehand.
  19. Fiat probably forces there to be enough votes to override the veto, or says that the president changes his mind, depending on how you interpret it.
  20. BCC GM talks about Jewish Identity on the aff. It may be worth taking a look at. http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Baltimore+City+College/Gaylin-Motevalli+Aff
  21. A kritikal aff generally refers to an aff that doesn't defend USFG action. Some such affs defend the rest of the resolution, but advocate individual action instead of governmental action, and others explicitly say the resolution is false. In general, they make arguments about defending the state being unethical or simulating government action being bad pedagogy.
  22. It's empirically denied for over two centuries and implies genocide good, neither of which are things you want to defend.
  23. Two versions of the card. If you get to it in the speech and are running out of time, you read the shorter highlighting and still get all the claims you need to make, even if you're missing some of the warrants.
  24. BobbyTables


    Flow paper is generally 8.5x14 inches. Timers can generally be found online, or in the cooking sections of walmart and/or target.
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