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  1. K-Lab at Mean Green Workshops. Easily the best staff who not only make you a great debater, but also make you a better person
  2. Anyone have revolution evidence by Zizek, particularly from In Defense of Lost Causes?
  3. CameronsCastle

    Luke K

    It isn't an ontological question
  4. Well you've already lost
  5. That everyone has a good time and we talk about things that are meaningful. If you were asking about the competitive aspect, KS debate locking out double octos.
  6. Newton- Cassil-McCloud Rickard-Kondziola Maybe some second year team
  7. The best all around alternative is the do nothing Zizek 08 (Violence) with Zizek and Daly 04 as the impact card because ethics is super responsive to both k affs and policy affs.
  8. The Illusion of the End is where you need to go. Ctrl F Biosphere 2
  9. Midwest is very diverse you its pretty hard to generalize it. It honestly depends on the state.
  10. I was actually wondering the dates of the bid tournaments in order organize a schedule for the year and get budgeting completed
  11. Anyone have tournament dates posted somewhere? I can't find anything regarding the tournaments past the list on the website.
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