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  1. Honestly depending on the type of arguments you go for. Google/Google Scholar is all you need . Unless you need a really specific DA to a specific aff, you shouldn't really need an expensive journal. If you are all aboard the K train, then you might want to try to go to a local library/(community) college library to procure access. Lexis is good for legal articles Muse/JSTOR/wiley is really good for DA's related to IR and K's
  2. Yeah no By trade impact, he means Capitalist peace theory. Its the theory that Trade/interdependence makes it irrational to go to war because interdependent economies will have bigger fish to worry about if they can't have their fill of essential commodities from the enemy they go to war against. If you want to find answers, you might want to find people who answer This author and his thesis http://pages.ucsd.edu/~egartzke/publications/gartzke_ajps_07.pdf
  3. Very similar to how you would answer a Nietzsche K. Few arguments you should need to make -So this is a generic K which will not have specific links so it comes down to winning your view of the world ---Case Outweighs --- Suffering is not inevitable --- even if we can't control everything it is good to try to make certain reforms/Making reforms are good for V2L (probably this is the May 5 card people read versus NIetzsche) ---Certain levels of suffering are bad and different than everyday inevitable suffering (stubbing your toe or having your wife cheat on you is on a different register than police brutality for instance) ---No root cause of violence/suffering
  4. Chaos DA sounds a lot like a "You fucked with a butterfly in the past and that somehow tanked species diversity 70 years later and we dedz" type of argument Old politics scenario is basically the politics DA in the past. You should research what big bills were passed from the time your plan gets implemented and answer the specific agenda items that were pushed.
  5. but when there isn't an incumbent it becomes really hard to win a scenario unless the plan is REALLY (un)popular.
  6. Politics DA's will probably be revolving around the iran deal or the budget/shutdown. There's also a debate in committees about highway/Transportation infrastructure funding but that will probably be piecemeal legislation/a thumper type of argument rather than an agenda item
  7. Master of psychology and puns i see.
  8. I mean usually the only way to win the "k comes before theory" is if the "theory links to the K." These are all really one argument. I used to do this with my Nietzsche K against condo. for strat skew I would say fairness is a myth thats impossible and the affirmative is an attempt to police the world which is impossible because chaos is an innate part of the world. I would also impact turn education and say its a socratic delusion. I went on ahead and said a teams advocacy's orientation toward life is the most important thing in the round to evaluate for xyz reasons. So, the only real way to actually say "K before theory" is to impact turn the theory/win the theory wins to the K and that outweighs. so theres that that being said, just read substantive answers, dont rely on the k outweighing.
  9. You can argue with theory that this would be a legitimate argument in a world of a cheating CP. Probably hard to do.
  10. 1. you can make the arg, probably isn't the arg you want to go for 2. you can make this argument, the answer to the CP is theory, there really isn't much else you can go for unless you have impacts with a fast TF
  11. Nope, presumption stays with the team that commits to the least amount of change, if a plan is textually and functionally competitive (i.e a PIC out of a part of the plan) and the CP solves as much as the CP, then presumption flips negative because they did less. The aff has a burden of proof that a more dramatic reversal from the status quo is desirable.
  12. That being said, there are really good cards for most advantages that says threat construction is good for deterring specific threats such as ISIS, China, Great power war due to collapse of the unipole.
  13. The only college debate teams are Cornell and Binghamton (rochester used to have one but not now)
  14. 1, 7 and 8 sound really damn good. Asia pivot needs to be discussed and I'm glad HS and College Resolutions are starting to focus on it now.
  15. uhh... what? how is intersectionality empirically denied
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