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    I moved to Kansas from Montana. I love debate, it is like a girlfriend to me. It sounds weird, and that's because it is. I now attend KCKCC.
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  1. I'm available for whoever/whatever weekends starting in November. I've debated 4 years in high school and had some nat circuit success my senior year. I debate now for KCKCC. My paradigm will be up soon on tabroom. Email me at Allen.easley1@outlook.com.
  2. Hello, my name is Allen Easley, and I suck at my 2N overviews. I find them being ineffective and a time suck to my speech. If you have any general tip for the construct of my overviews that would be fantabular. Also, If you have any general tips that would be radical. Thanks y'all. *Notice the non-gendered usage of y'all? Yep, I am not sexist at all.
  3. Here are some trends I have observed from the collegiate debate realm: 1) Wearing a flat-billed hat backwards. Make sure it is a snap back. This is mandatory. (i.e. Sean Kennedy) 2) When you flow the block, rub your hair excessively. Make sure when you walk out of the room that you look like you have extreme bed hair (i.e. Sean Kennedy) 3) Own a collection of college basketball jerseys for those NDT qualifying tournaments. Make sure you rep your own university the right way! 4) Bring an excessive amount of one of the following: 1)Diet Coke (preferably the 12 packs from walmart for $3.99) and/or 2) 1 gallon jugs of water. 5) Make sure you have an excessive amount of assistant coaches/ teammates at every out round scouting and talking into your ear at the same time. This is necessary to be a trendy college debater. 6) Watch KU debaters. (Birzer, Campbell, Quigley, Kennedy) These are the trendiest of the trendy debaters that have ever speeded their way through the circuit. 7) If you get a first round bid to the NDT you are exempt from numbers 1 and 3 above. Also, you are also too trendy for this thread so please leave now. 8) Judge some novice high school rounds and give RFD's that they can't understand/comprehend. These are some of the common college debate trends. If you apply to 3 or more of the 8 trends, you pass! and are on the way to being Sean Kennedy.
  4. So the Iron Fertilization Affirmative proposes the USFG to perform cutting-edge research in order to have a Geo-Engineering ban lifted that was put in place by the UN. Furthermore, allowing the USFG to fertilize the ocean with iron. There is literature that states that the UN will lift the ban when research is provided, consequently allowing iron fertilization to be a normal process in subduing the effects of climate change. Now, I find the solvency a little poopy with this plan text due to the fact that there is no "gaurantee" that the UN will lift the ban, or that the research will suffice for the UN to do so. My question being; Could I change the plan text to include the actual implementation of Iron Fertilization which would include the needed research? I was wondering if i could use Fiat to do so and claim in the second plank of my plan that "All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void". I was just curious if it is possible to fiat the UN and say that the international laws are declared null and void. If I could do this, the Aff would be more than decent and would suffice to the scenarios that I have cut. Please leave your opinions and answers, thank you! -Allen
  5. " You have speak-able eyes, I don't know what the word is for it." "Holy signposting Batman!"
  6. I completely agree with this statement.
  7. Sustainable Fisheries, It is a pretty cool aff if you can get past the T debate. I can Pm you a 1AC if you would like.
  8. Hey everyone, before camp and next season I want to compile a somewhat large arsenal of files. I have a Google Drive set up with 3 1AC's, 4 Disads, 3 CP's, a couple K's, and I will have more Neg case args and some Aff extensions uploaded soon. I want to get a group of like 5-10 people in Drive so we can share files and work together on files for this upcoming season. PM me your Gmail and I will invite you so we can get to work. Thanks!, Allen.
  9. I feel that it is nice to have most of my files ready paperless. However, I also like to have my 1AC and any addons in paper, as well as one or two K's in my expando. (I use my expando as a stand).
  10. I find this argument inherently annoying. But ehh, if it works it works.
  11. I like MSU's "Flight-370" Aff. It's decent for a starter.
  12. If you go on planet debate and dig in the 03-04 files there are some pretty interesting finds. I was specifically intrigued in the Toxic Dredging Aff and the Sustainable Fisheries Aff. There are plenty more as well. I just thought I'd make a thread so we can discuss which Affs and Negs can be zombified and brought back into play. Post what you think.
  13. super/hegggna yes, idk about the SME team or the rest. I'm pretty sure though, they all seemed like they would.
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