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  1. I'm looking for an impact card for antibiotic resistance. I'm trying to say that antibiotic resistance leads to human extinction. I will trade for it. If you have anything on antibiotic resistance, please message me. I will trade for cards.
  2. Do you have the cards for that?
  3. I am in need of cards for the solvency of a case I'm writing. We are trying to say that we preserve keystone species and therefore prevent extinction. Does anyone have Solvency cards for this. Please PM me if you have cards like this.
  4. I am in emergency need of biotech bad cards. Specifically Biotech is bad with regards to disease and agriculture. I need these as soon as possible and will offer a Leviathan K, an Ivory Tower K, and a Baudrillard Paradox to anyone who can provide cards for this. Please message me if you are willing to make this trade.
  5. I'm looking for examples of people winning with alternatives that ask for relatively passive action such as signing a ballot for the negative or affirmative to support the thesis of the K.
  6. It can be an aff or a neg k. It is more a fill in the blank word there. It could just as easily read vote negative to support the k.
  7. I have edited the original post. My bad.
  8. I am trying to figure out if people win with an alternative along the lines of "Vote affirmative to show you support the K, therefore solving it in the real world." If you've won with a K with a similar alternative, please tell me what K it was and what the alternative text stated.
  9. CXthulhu


    I personally don't think that foreign powers will respect this vote to join Russia because there is speculation that Russia may be influencing voting and demonstrations. I also do not think that foreign nations will allow Russia to push any farther than Crimea.
  10. I have found my team's favorite arguments against a total repeal were the sex tourism and human rights telling the judge that if he/she votes affirmative it makes them morally implicit in the act of sex tourism, thereby making a vote for neg a moral imperative.
  11. Our CX Team has ben looking for an Ivory Tower K. The idea is saying that academic elitism with no real policy solution is bad. If anyone has an Ivory Tower K or Elitism K please direct Message me or email me at CXthulhu@gmail.com. Our team is certainly willing to trade you evidence in exchange for the K. Please help us.
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