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  1. Rawl's Difference Principle/Veil of Ignorance would be a good starting point. So would putting this is the right subforum. But eh.
  2. I suppose, but it's more economic engagement for sure. Your best bet is to just read both and make each relatively small shells. Eventually they'll give up arguing both diplo and economic because they probably can't afford to go for both during the 1AR.
  3. And if they say both make them spec why/how they're both. Odds are they're not both and they just want to waste your time focusing on both rather than harping on one or another.
  4. In terms of off-case make sure you have T-Domestic prepped. The deep web isn't exclusive to U.S. citizens. Specifically Silk Road was hosted on Icelandic data servers.
  5. Isn't the lit-base pretty much the same thing in the context of surveillance? I'm no K aficionado but from my vague understanding of the Panopticon Foucault wrote about it to show an analogy to the ways in which we are surveiled by constant social and political norms in order to make us conform - aka Biopower. So isn't the lit base you're looking for just links to Biopower in terms of surveillance?
  6. Virustotal says it's clean. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/afdc15c697dc7711eef01b1310e4c1f2b5e4a80d3ac19169f82bd90921a9eb8c/analysis/1450665391/
  7. Search filters are your friend. Also, use stuff like filetype:pdf and quotes "like this" to limit your search either down to only pdf's and to ensure you get those specific words in the article. There are more things like that in this
  8. A few free resources: SSRN.com Google Scholar philpapers.org Those are my go-to research hubs, I'm sure others can add many many more. Also, using Wikipedia citations is occasionally useful.
  9. To back up jai127, I'd start with Biopower as one of the main authors of a lot of biopower literature is Foucault and his books, History of Sexuality and Discipline and Punish are easy to read in comparison to most philosophy literature.
  10. Right, okay, so if we're going to talk about Giroux, knowing what he says in other articles - http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/11/24/neoliberal-violence-in-the-age-of-orwellian-nightmares/ - you'd see that Giroux would be the link to a neoliberalism K. Not saying you couldn't argue that the aff would end indefinite detention thus being good and doesn't net increase neoliberalism, but I definitely wouldn't read Giroux because he'd more than likely be the link card in the K itself and when he wants a rejection of neoliberalism first and explicitly says that, I think it'd be a tough sell.
  11. That's a nightmare, not a dream.
  12. I think with disease, it's more that disease and vaccination research is done via inputting information and a conglomerate of computers running analysis on said data and if we hurt the industry then we use less of these things for genome sequencing, disease patterns etc. It's important to recognize cloud computing isn't just storage, it's data analysis as well.
  13. They will say they won't want it in American cloud companies. The argument is that the US is a technological leader and what-not which is key to hegemony or advancing cloud computing. If they just go for cloud computing is key to research you could argue the research still exists, just won't be coming from America, but I'm sure there are good responses to that. http://www2.itif.org/2013-cloud-computing-costs.pdf As per that, which I believe is the root of all data that PRISM/NSA hurts cloud computing, it specifically notes that people just wouldn't invest in the American industry. Although, there may be other articles saying something else, and derive different conclusions, so feel free to correct me.
  14. If they wanted a workout they would've just used papers. Everyone knows debaters are already swole anyways.
  15. I think theoretically you could say that biopower is low, but I think that'd be a hard sell. You don't really have to win that it's low if you're going to say biopower is good, which you can do. Biopower can prevent catastrophe, disease, war, etc are arguments that can be used to prove it's good. So yes, you can turn it. For other K advantages I think turning it and non-uq it would be dependent on the type of advantage it is.
  16. I love the sharp contrast in responses to this thread.
  17. The general rule as I've always been told is the camp files are a starting point, not an ending point.
  18. Rigbert

    Search Broken?

    Broken for me as well. Typed in Kritik and nothing came up, and I'm pretty sure that comes up a lot.
  19. Rigbert


    Might want to be a bit more specific. There are multiple conflicts going on in the middle east at the moment and it's a question whether to act in some/any of them.
  20. Where to begin with researching a legalism/CLS K? I've found small literature, but I've failed to be able to find the larger literature base for the K.
  21. Under my understanding of moral realism wouldn't that be an aff argument rather than a negative argument? Wouldn't moral relativism be the negative argument?
  22. I'm gonna go out on a limb, namely because I didn't ask, and say if there was it wasn't in more than two - three rounds in the entirety of the tournament. NSDA LD is seen as more traditional in general according to the LD subreddit. But it comes down to who the judges are more-so than the debaters sometimes.
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