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  1. Quotes from the 1N in 412: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t read a counterplan.” “What? I didn’t read a K either.” “Dope!” “But I don’t understand the line. You just jumped from particles to Mars.” "What? I didn't know you could perm a disad." “You SHOULD feel guilty because you are… How you feel how you feel” “YOU- ARE- BEING-… uh, IMPERIALIST- IS THE WORD I THINK…” Such a baller round.
  2. Hi! We're trying to develop a case of our own for nationals, and we were wondering if we could find a solvency link for an embargo aff that says that the embargo cuts technical resources (hardware/software alike) from Cuba. Preferably reverse causal, but anything related to Cuban access to tech is good. A tech leadership card would also be great. Thanks!
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