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  1. Henry

    Chicago Teams

    Niles West CH and DG are on the national circuit, Niles Norths team with Deangelo, and the New Trier team with Kirby is also good. I have no idea what the last two teams codes are.
  2. Henry


    Mind deleting some messages so I can PM you?
  3. Hey, I'm having trouble getting some cards talking about how the state's regulations prevent capitalist expansion. I need help finding authors. Any cards or authors would help. Thanks
  4. Henry

    Pirate Affirmative

    Hey, I've heard rumors of a sort of Deluzian critical affirmative about pirates. Does anyone know where I can get evidence to answer it? Any suggestions on where to start my research would be helpful.
  5. Oh cool. Same here, dude.
  6. Hey, who's goin' to DDI this year? Also, if you are DDI alumni tell me about your experience!!!!
  7. Henry

    Favorite K's

    No, they have some key differences. Nietzsche: Suffering inevitable and you should become übermensch. Taoism: Suffering is inevitable and you should take no action. And thanks for clearing the confusion about Giroux.
  8. Henry

    Favorite K's

    What does Giroux K say?
  9. Henry

    Favorite K's

    Taoism, Nietzsche, Baudrillard.
  10. Henry

    Black Ops

    woops, my bad.
  11. Henry

    Black Ops

    Sure, I think that choosing from only optimism and pessimism it is best to be a pessimist. Optimists can occasionally be blinded by their optimism and be totally ignorant to certain things. If you ONLY focus on the positive you block out the negative and become more susceptible to getting screwed over in society. Optimism is a shaky road because it is tangled with new age crap that leads to "blinding optimism" in which people simply don't focus on bad things. Pessimists can more easily accept the negative parts of life and can then get over them. This repetition of focus on the negative will allow them to better evaluate them. They will then come to the realization that suffering and bad things are inevitable and that they can overcome them. Pessimism also makes better critical thinkers because they will always be mindful of the bad and potential ways their plans can fail so they have the knowledge to prepare for more. A new study came out which shows that pessimists have better health than optimists and prepare for more potential problems with their health because they know that things can always go wrong. Meaning pessimists live longer. **Note** All of these paragraphs are coming from the assumption that I may only choose pessimism or optimism without any middle ground or implications. sources: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/think-well/201101/why-optimism-can-be-bad-your-mental-health http://jezebel.com/5987868/oh-cruel-world-being-a-pessimist-might-make-you-live-longer
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