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  1. All the ecomanagerialism shit you'll ever need was JUST released by NDI. There's also an anthro aff coming as well as a possible Wilderson or Anthro k coming up. Also have a home cut anthro k
  2. Does anyone have 3NR theory? and I mean a 1NC shell and extensions into the 2NR. Willing to trade pretty heavily. PM for details
  3. Does anyone have a neoliberalism k specific to identity politics? Willing to trade pretty heavily. PM me for details
  4. God dammit you're right, I have no way of winning a debate against State PIC
  5. Alright thanks, I do have USFG specific warrants and i'll work on some more turns/solvency takeouts. Any theory besides PIC theory I should work on?
  6. How does one go about answering the States PIC (the advocacy against the state)? If you have a file I'm willing to trade, or just tips would be great as well. PM me!
  7. It doesn't necessarily focus on any one animal but the animal in question here is dolphins. And it's not a specific type or a specific philosophers, but basically what we're saying here is that certain dolphin containment laws are violating the dolphins ability to be what they're meant to be. Basically any philosophers take on it. It's mostly for an anthro aff
  8. nah I wish. I was looking for something more like violating certain animals' ontology doesn't let them experience what they really are and true ontology can solve that. But thanks
  9. Like, one's true role in the world. Like a niche or something
  10. Does anyone have a card or know where I can cut a card that talks about how authenticity can only occur through true Being? And non-heidegger related as well.
  11. Oh, aight, see, what I heard was from our team so I didn't get the entire story and that does make sense. Thanks Payton
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