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  1. oh here is another one RPS CP.docx Iron Fertilization CP.docx
  2. Here are some advantage cps that solve for warming
  3. No problem, you deserve it You have helped us so much. Thanks.
  4. I need introna K links. I am willing to trade My ablenorm k. Here is my 1NC and a table of contents. Sample of ablenorm.doc
  5. Akhil

    A K or DA

    no to show that i am not what my rep says i am, to show that i am not a selffish ripping, scamming bad guy.
  6. Akhil

    A K or DA

    Yeah thats why i posted the 1nc-a sign of good faith
  7. Akhil

    A K or DA

    Because the guy i was trading with gave me a camp file which was a rip off because i could get that file with out even trading stuff (Openevidenceproject.com)
  8. Akhil

    A K or DA

    I need a good K or DA for next year's topic. There is some concern that i scam people, that is wrong. There was a misunderstanding that quickly was falsely represented, The file or file you trade with have to equal 130 pages at least because my ablenorm file which iw ill be trading in return is that size. I am attaching the 1nc so u guys or gals have a taste of it, 1NC Ablenormivity.doc
  9. Akhil

    Link Of Omission

    I am trying to cut a card that says not saying something is as important as saying something but i am having trouble finding it. What would i search?
  10. Does anyone have an ableism k that can link to a ton of aff and debate it self. I have a lot of files to trade.
  11. I would also like a file, I do not just want to run it just to get crazy impacts zi want people to recognize how troublesome and deeply rooted our society is in ableism. So I would really apprciate a file, I do not have the experitize to cut a k that can link to many affs. I am a novice, but i do have a lot of file name it and i have it.
  12. Akhil

    Debate Help

    If u want case files and examples of the arguments USNHannah17 talked about, look at camp files. I suggest if you truly want to be a good team get a coach or at least go to camp. here is the website http://openevidence.debatecoaches.org/bin/view/Main/ This website has all the files you might need this year. highlight it
  13. Akhil

    Cool CPs

    then evaluate the cp functionally and its impacts on the legislation than looking at the plan text and complaining
  14. Akhil

    Cool CPs

    i win every round with it my file is really great i am serious. There is no rollback the same reason that we access politics is the reason why we don't get rolled back: politicians perception of sunset is different whether it is true or not does not matter the fact remains that politicians like bills and vote for bills with sunset because of flexibility, if something goes wrong they can fix it and much easier otherwise the people who passed the bill would have to labor and use ton of pol cap to repeal the law and pass another to correct the mistake it sounds painful right? So those people get blamed. but with sunset it is 4 x easier to correct mistakes. And the aff should debate in a functional level not by appearance. The aff otherwise does not evaluate the cp correctly. If you can't understand then stop criticizing it. I take insults to sunset VERY PERSONALLY.
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