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  1. I'm not sure who/what you mean by Assads but the link overall is that United States interference will cause the impact
  2. I said ISIS in the beginning. I was just using them as an example, sorry. Should've been more clear
  3. I have yet to see an aff that is attempting to change their culture. The idea is that, if the aff is attempting to reduce the amount of terrorism through the plan, they are slowly eradicating the culture of whatever group they attempt to change. The Kritik is not specific is ISIS, but rather any terrorist group or "threat group." If the aff, lets imagine, is to use soft power to affect North Korea, we are slowly degrading the culture with our ideals of our "perfect" society
  4. The "overall" link is the attempt to influence a culture that is so corrupt to our own is just as bad if we left it alone. It's a waste of time to convert, let's say ISIS, if our culture is just as corrupt as theirs. We are better off leaving them to sort out their own problems. And the main point for ISIS is the most likely factor of terrorism of ISIS next year. I doubt ISIS is going to willingly, whatever the Aff is, agree to any standards. America isn't ISIS' target but when we interfere 1) we become a target for them and 2) slowly eradicate their culture
  5. Debate, debate, debate...

  6. This kritik could work on any aff willing to change the way ISIS is acting now. The kritik would express the American people viewing themselves as the best country in the world and how we would want to convert ISIS, or any other power we try to influence, to our American standards. This is bad because we view ourselves as the perfect country which could lead to the destruction of a culture if the aff is pushed through. If ISIS were to convert, America would be not only destroying a culture and interfering with religious views, but, also, convert more people to the view of a "perfect" country leading to more conversion and the destruction of more cultures and so on. I dont know. Just suggesting ideas. Could this work?
  7. So if I were to say the cause of this economic turn and environmental destruction is warming then would I end up with 1 advantage with multiple subpoints?
  8. My partner and I have an upcoming tournament next Friday and we need help to structure this affirmative. The problem is that we don't know if these should be spate advantages or not. We have global warming as an advantage but our other advantages such as econ and environment are being hurt by global warming. I need to know if I need 3 separate advantages or 1 big advantage or something like that. I asked a senior debater and he said to organize it in impact block or something? any help would be greatly appreciated for I have little time
  9. If the plan is to research palm trees and fruits then maybe so
  10. For simple purposes lets say the affirmative plan was to jump off of a bridge. The CP will will do te affirmative but with the Navy because the Navy can do it faster and better. It is a CP focused on research affirmatives.
  11. Well at our school debate camp we have written a counterplan for when we hit research affirmatives saying how the Navy can always do the plan faster and more efficiently. We were wondering on the part where if the scientist/researcher were to use their equipment to use, for example, a submarine for underwater research then would it be considered topical if using the Navy equipment?
  12. For a research affirmative, would it be topical if scientists went aboard a US Navy carrier and used their research tools? I see how this would cause a controversy and I was curious about anyone's opinion or way to handle it.
  13. I am noticing forums on CrossX in theory talking about perf con. What is the difference, if there is one, on con and perf con?
  14. BroMo4444

    Hydrogen Fuel

    Well it develops the oceans by replacing energy usage
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